My take on Lilith

I envision Lilith as a tall woman of ebony skin. Her figure is voluptuous, with wide hips and a bulging belly. Her breasts are large and perky. Her hair is long and raven black. Her arms and legs show powerful muscle but are tender to the touch. Lilith adorns herself in showy dresses and outfits.

When I think of Lilith, I see her more as a demon than a goddess, but under my definition. Gods are beings of order those who maintain the cosmic system. Demons, though, are beings of chaos who bring change to that system. So I see Lilith as representing sexuality unrestrained from social expectation. This includes bdsm, non-monogamy, sex work, and lgbt. However rape, pedophilia, cheating in a monogamous marriage, or domestic abuse may invoke her wrath. (keep in mind the fact I say this says I’m against these things myself.) She encourages us to embrace our sexual nature and sate our sexual fantasies. She also provides ways for us to do that. Sometimes, she’s try and make us.

Along side being a demoness of sexuality, I see Lilith as a goddess of great physical and emotional strength. She has no hang ups over Adam and Yahweh. In fact, her exile gave her freedom. Now she intends to help us humans obtain that same freedom. She bestows upon us the same strength she possesses to be able to weather any obstacle. Even if she puts them there herself.

I also see Lilith as a demoness of the wilds. She’s connected to the earth due to her sexual nature. She understands the primal urges that drive us, that relate us back to our animal ancestors. Lilith can aid us in understanding both nature and evolution.

Lilith is a demoness of night. She resides in darkness where she has found liberation. However, this also means she can be fierce and terrifying. She forces us to face our nightmares. Working with her involves various challenges, but ultimately pleasure comes as the reward.


I agree

A nightmare for me has been facing the fact of betrayal and my absolute fear of it, I hate it and it disgusts me. She made me face this when I first slept with her sigil under my pillow however I failed initially, I didn’t tackle the situation correctly and I got burned for it. But I tackled that challenge again and came out a better person, though that fear does come back now and again in small bursts.

I’ve never seen Lilith as a demon per se. I’ve seen her as purely a nocturnal spirit of love, sex, fertility and all o f that

Demon, just as deity, is relative.

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