My Succubus' True Name

After i got my clarity oil a couple days ago i did a scrying session to find out one of my succubus’ true name and she told me she would (i think) telepathically "It’s a sacred name and not even the first letter can be written down publicly."So i did another scrying session today going through the proper procedure of grounding and building a protective circle allowing only her in.I kept the question in mind that i had written beforehand in my notebook and before i could actually get to the scrying the name came (i think telepathically again) but i ignored it and continued on to the scrying session.I asked again and the same name so i said "Come on seriously what’s your true name?"The same name kept repeating after i kept asking the previous question.Then i was reminded of a dream i had over a year ago about an exotic,tan,darked haired woman wearing silk or satin attire sitting on a throne.The problem is the name is in english but i suspect the original is in either greek or roman.

Before i make a sigil of her name i would like an outside source to confirm or not whether i actually have it because i don’t want my own influences to interfere too much.So anyone willing to help me please let me know.

You could go with a stylized sigil based on the qualities of the spirit rather than its name to get around that, as an option.