My succubus is giving me blue balls

She seems to like to play with my dick until I get an erection but as soon as that happens she stops. It gets frustrating, so I try to get to the bottom of it but so far I’m still not sure why she does it. It’s almost as if she can’t go any further but maybe she doesn’t want to?

So yeah she gives me a form of blue balls that is spiritual, in a sense that it’s not like physical blue balls. Don’t know if that makes sense.

I still haven’t been intimate with her in 9 months now. I’m not angry at her nor am I complaining but I can’t figure out her reason for this behaviour. She seems to mark me all the time aswell as I can feel drops of liquid fall on my shoulder. Apparently it’s their way of marking their partner as explained by @succupedia once if I’m not mistaken.

Either way I’m still very grateful for her.
I can only feel her physically but I can’t feel the energetic presence.
I have no way of communicating with her either.

I think however that she does react a bit if I focus on her touches more.

Is she waiting for something?


I think she’s just teasing you, some ubi like to do that. And it’s ok that you haven’t been intimate with her yet, I didn’t get intimate with my ubis until about a year after I got them.


How did you deal with the waiting?

If you don’t mind me asking

Practice visualising her more. Lie down and breathe in deep and breathe out deep, all the while feeling yourself disconnect from your body and the world around you. Then in that murky, psychic distance, allow yourself to visualise her. Then communicate or be intimate that way


I occupied my mind with other stuff, and I also focused on just regular bonding, the wait may feel like forever, but after you’ll be glad you waited.


Try arousing them, visualize fantasies with them it gets mine going , they also feel amazing when you smoke or consume THC and then lay down and relax, also try waiting a few hrs before interacting with them they will more likely be wanting you then if u lay in bed too much


Feels to me like she is trying to raise your sexual energy. As you know sexual energy is very potent both in the physical and the non physical worlds.

It’s a hunch but that feels plausible for me🤷‍♂️


yeah she does get aroused when I watch porn

Same thing for me, it’s been over a year, but we’re still not close. It’s not like she didn’t try, but I’m lazy… unfortunately.
To handle the wait, I waited :new_moon_with_face: Time passes quickly.
I addressed her aloud, I did some automatic writing, I invited her to sleep next to me and another little thing, bought roses for Valentine’s Day. But I rarely had answers, they sometimes happened that I felt that presence, especially at night, or when I lay down, feeling a slight weight on my body.
I don’t know if you feel that way too, but she seems to love touching my hands.
Then, when, if you are busy in one way or another, you are going to wait with less apprehension.
I personally write a book, but you can be drawing, reading, play video games, etc.
Don’t hesitate to invite her to come and see you when you do that.

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She’s with me 24/7 and usually touches my face or rubs my penis a bit which can sometimes get in the way during public transport if you know what I mean…

Other than that she likes to lay on top of me when I go to bed, I can feel her weight on the sheets. She seems to like kissing me aswell as she does it alot. Sometimes she touches my hair, scratches me somewhere, bites me, stabs my foot, flicks my nose, rubs my nipples, rubs my back , drools all over me while she kisses me which kinda hurts for some reason as it almsot feels like acid sometimes, shows her eyes, squeezes my balls etc.
It’s nice but it all adds to my blue balls problem. My dick is almost like a nuclear reactor that could blow up at any moment.

Even as I’m writing right no she’s playing with my dick wich almost makes me go insane because there’s that sexual rush that comes with it.

I like to compare it to someone waving a piece of fried chicken in front of a starving guy but he only gets a small piece of the crust.

I’ve gotten quite used to it.

She also applies pressure to my perineum(part between the anus and the testicles) sometimes for reasons I guess.

Yestserday while I was in bed I felt a fluid drip on my penis which could once again
have something to do with marking me.

I must state however that everytime I really need to focus on something she let’s me concentrate which I’m really grateful for as the last thing I want is a boner while doing math with my teacher.

I always talk to her while doing things.
I always wonder if she likes the videogames I play.


Tisk Tisk, the people on this forum sometimes.
Not that I am not in some rough shape myself, but here is what is going on.

You think, you get more from an orgasm when in fact you do not.
I am not saying for you to trust your succubus entirely, I myself am about to write a post on my incubus aka what the fuck can I do about Belial rewritting my root chakra?

Let me ask you this, if you try to masterbate after can you?
Does your dick recurl inword when attempting and you give your self so much strain that it starts to bleed after because your succubus is that oppposed to you having an orgasm?

If not good for you, it is probably just Belial and I as Belial can and does like to rewrite DNA and things. But just letting you know there can be risks in what you are doing if you aren’t aware blah, blah, blah right?

Anyways what your Succubus is doing is tantra, she is getting more from you by not orgasming.
Yes if you do cum, that is a bigger rush of energy, but do you want a light bulb that is insanely bright for 3 seconds or a light bulb that stays on indefinitely for as long as you want it to?

Basically this is the mindset she has on what she wants and gets out of it. Now I haven’t spoken with her or fully know her intentions and what she wants and expects for you, but that is what she wants for herself, if she is wanting good for you, let’s just go with that assumption, she expects that you enjoy the ride! I believe she will provide!

She wants to tease you and build your energy for her benefits but there could be great benefit for you, asides from the energy benefits that you get, a heightened sense of energy and ability to accomplish stuff, more psychic power, (all possible benefits from the energy building she is doing. When you do finally cum… (if she lets you) lol It will be the most amazing orgasm you have ever had.

If you wish to proceed, Don’t expect to orgasm roll over and go to bed and to give her taxi money and tell her to get out, I suggest to enjoy the ride bro!


Why does they like if you are high “baked” on thc?

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Yeah I was thinking the same so I stopped masturbating
as I already have experience with NOFAP
(I did it for a year once)

So a month ago I started again and obviously it’s harder now with a succubus but so far I’m up for the challenge.

I wanna se how far I can get.

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Let me know how it goes. I been on semen Retention since November 2018 and I can attest to the benefits👍

If she’s teasing you and giving you “blue balls”, then why are you still passive and don’t get off for a release? Your release of orgasm is what will nullify it, which means she have to build up the sexual energy once again. Or why not take off your clothes and let her do her “thing”, instead of complaining that “nothing’s happening”? :man_shrugging:

The interaction has to be willingly accepting to work properly, for both parties. Let the succubus experience your physical world and body, just as she is letting you experience her spiritual world by touching you.


I go with the motto “If something doesn’t work, try something else”
which is the reason why I’ll stop fapping for a while.

Masturbation hasn’t brought us any closer.
I try to learn as I go always paying attention to her behaviour and touches.

I am not complaining, I am describing how it makes me feel.

I want to do what’s right for her and me.

Masturbation is a part of a sexual relationship, because both of you can enjoy it in cooperative ways. When you masturbate with someone, it’s not something you do only for yourself. You mentioned that you can feel her physically, as well as her energy, right? But you never mentioned if you’ve felt her taking an active part in your masturbation sessions.

What will happen if you suddenly stops masturbating within her presence? Will she take it from there and take an active role?

Sex is about team effort. It’s about taking and receiving. It’s about being active and being passive. It’s about giving in and giving up our obsession of being in control all the time. When we do all of that, then the magic begins.

I can only feel her physically and usually I feel no energy unless she charges me with sexual energy.

She doesn’t really take action when I masturbate
which is the reason why I stopped in order to maybe motivate her I guess.

I think she has been touching me more since I stopped as I get aroused more easily.

One week ago for example I was standing in my room when I suddenly felt her put her hands on my hips and start nibbling on my dick, I took the chance to observe her actions and it felt like she was tryin to pull down my underwear.

So I thought I’d go with the flow but as soon as I pulled down my underwar she completely stopped. That wasn’t the first time either.

I wasn’t mad but rather confused as I don’t know why she stopped.
I try to understand her actions and put the puzzle pieces together.
That doesn’t mean I’m complaining because I’m just trying to understand, I want to be able to have an active role in this relationship to let her know that I’m not just a lazy guy.

I want to build a deep relationship and I just feel like I haven’t been able to do that.

It’s usually easy to do nofap aslong as there is a reason to why you’re doing it.

I love to fap aswell. I try to keep it balanced.

I’ve experienced this several times. According to my experiences, she’s not pulling off your physical pants, but rather the ethereal “pants”, or the energetic version of your clothes. If you’ve ever experience the pulling of clothes, or a pinch on your cheek or anything else with spirits on a physical level, have you ever witnessed any movements when it happens? No? But you’ve felt it anyway. This means that you have a better connection with the spirit world than you might think.

But you can’t take an active role with her, because you can’t touch her in the same way as she is touching you. And because of that, you have to let her take the initiative and work from there. Your active role is to acknowledge her presence and existence in your world. At least as a start.