My succubus experience

Warning long post (and first post)

When I first got into the occult I was extremely skeptical especially with succubi but regardless I decided that I was going to try it out and after trying some stupid stuff to get one and it didn’t work after a month I stumbled upon succupedia and I decided this seems more legit so I was reading the letter of intent ritual before even doing it I started feeling things which was mind blowing it was little pricks in my toes and some pressure on my leg I realized that I felt these kind of things before and that it might mean that see has a history with me so the next day I decided to do the letter of intent ritual and things started to get more intense I learned her name though automatic writing I started to get random erections and electric stimulation if you get what I mean at that point I have read that you can use idols to help spirits interact with you I found a feminine looking owl statue Idk if is using it but this is what happened next during one of her teasing sessions I had all this sexual energy in me and I closed my eyes stretched and a amazing yellow whitish mist/orb of light started to fly around me another time I had a very strong smell of wine even though I don’t have any she is always here with me and I can tell she really loves me but I don’t know where to go from here because I seem to only be able to feel her touching me I would like to get to the point of easily talking to her since auto writing isn’t always Reliable I would also like to see her body

Sorry if this post is Long or poorly written but this is my story


Sounds intense and interesting. My suggestion is to get a Lilith sigil ring. Anytime I where it, I go to bed and see any of the 5 succubi that I have.

Thanx or your tip to him itll serve me well.
So it sounds like to me you had a pretty good starting skill set auto writting is nice. So next time you sense her ask her to chose an image with you and look through a selection of nude photos when you find a girl you like try to sense if she accepted the image of her then just simply focus on your succubus which knowing her actual name ispretty useful. So focus on your succubus then picture the women you chose and kiss her in your mind it might take a few moment from after you start to picture her until your succubus takes the vessel and then you two connect sexually in your mind. You can also just picture yourself fucking the shit out of a jazzy image if your mind doesn’t make the other women’s image clear, so she doesn’t even have to move for you two to be able to have sex honestly but once you get the hang of opening the image of her up she will be able to start moving around on her own. I recommend putting extra thought into how tight she is as your tips at her lips struggling to get in the when you picture yourself actually getting in you should have some of that electric love you were talking about. Eventually pull be able o be with her normally but it some times is hard or is humans to feel our flesh so when trying o do physical stuff with her make sure you activly stretch your spirit out just slightly bigger then your physical or alot more like I tend to do you’d be amazed how good getting the half of your d that’s all spirit sucked feels when she’s not even going down to the flesh. Also if having trouble and starting to use own hand make sure you stretch extra so she can suck the top when ur at it and u feel her at it same time u just cumm. So yea hopefully this helps you.


Sounds interesting when you put it all that way.

I can develop my visualization and have fun will do!

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My visualization and imagination goes bonkers and ballistic when it comes to succubus and succubus dreams :slight_smile:


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Fire away :slight_smile:

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