My strange ideas and theories

What are your opinions on this. What if someone bought 72 pendulums and housed 72 of the spirits of the goetia in each one and each one was colored to there color or the metal that they associate with.

I mean you’d have to get there permission of course but it might not be a bad idea. Not everyone has the time to do a full contact all the time so why not. What do you guys think. Plus that might look cool. Hang them on your wall and above each of them is the sigil of the spirit or something.

If I had permission from all 72 I’d do this. Perhaps it could be something to think about. Contacting each to ask permission or something?

I’m moving into a small apartment soon which means I’d finally get to start creating my dream temple! I may make updates on that later once I move in. Have my universal circle set up somewhere. All my books pendulums, tarot cards and what not set up. So maybe if I had permission to do this I can line them up on my wall and above each one I’d have there sigils on wooden disks or something.

Also this is going to be a thread where I post ideas and theories so I don’t spam threads cause I constantly have all these ideas lol.


Dude, wow, I was about say “you’re just full of creative ideas!“. But then I read to the bottom and see ya beat me to it.

You do, though. Your self-assessment is absolutely true. You’re the occult idea fountain. It’s awesome! This is gonna be a badass thread!!


I hope to post any pictures as well.


Cool maybe it will same like lucy heartfelia zodiac key from anime faory tail


I actually don’t think “permission” is really necessary.

Unless a few of them don’t like or vibe with you very well…

I think this is a bit overkill though.

That could potentially be a LOT of energy being brought into your life and immediate space.

Personally, I fantasize about having a two bedroom apartment or other arrangement where one room could be designated as “the temple room” where everything occurs, shrines and/or altars are kept, etc.

But you know…housing isn’t great these days :weary:


I am actually planning this when I move out.

I want an Alter for satan in the front. Universal circle in the middle or something and what not

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I wonder. When I start building my indoor temple I’ll include a homemade scrying mirror that is super tall like EA has I thought that was a good idea. Or I’d at least make a big one to stick on the wall somewhere.