My story

Alright so here’s the full story. My mom officially told me I can leave the house after an extremely heated argument. She said if I go, she won’t call police after me for being a runaway. So I packed my bags and headed for the church of Scientology all the way in pompano FL while I was in Davie FL, in hopes to seek asylum. As I was interested in gaining personal power from the church.

I left at 1:00 pm afternoon. I walked, and took buses to get their. By 10:pm I found the location of the church where it was suppose to be on google maps to find out when I got there they moved the location. So I dedicated myself to skip sleep and head to the second closest location north.

By midnight I came close to the church, but needed to find a place to sleep. A guy randomly just gave me a dollar and gave me directions to a homeless shelter 30 minutes away by walk. At this point I was in a ghetto, and my muscles where being eaten away by my body, because I had no food or water to drink, but I’m a fucking soldier, so I kept going. Asked two scary looking black men for direction(by the way I’m white with an Eminem shirt on and a backpack full of clothes) one of them gave me $10. Thanks Salasash!

Reach the point to find out it moved locations, just like the church. Ended up at a gas station to meet a crack whore hooker, who praised the Lord.

Her and I talked and she saw my coming as an act of God. A random 17 year old ending up in a ghetto 1 hour drive away. I told her I needed a place to sleep. She gave me two options. Spend the night at her house, which was a crackhouse, or get baker acted, which is basically telling the police I was suicidal so they can put me in a hospital with a bed to sleep and food.

I took the hospital for refuge because fuck the crackhouse. I thought it would be a 72hour stay where I can leave and be at the church. I was wrong! They evaluated me. My mom found a maniquin head with a knife through it and a picture of her next to it. My cursing. They though I might endanger Myself and others. They continued to evaluate me, and put me under medication. I talked with a friend during this period and realized I should be approaching my mom at more respectable angle. And build a deep relationship with her.

So I apologized for being angry at her and blaming her for things, and now the relationship is better. However I can’t garuntee continued success as it is a two way relationship. She’s aware of the magick I do, but is creeped out by it and doesn’t like me working with demons. I asked her if it’s ok I do magick with angels, she said yes, because she’s Christian. I’ll still be working with demons, but I’ll be hiding it.

Before all this happened Some demons and magicians and I cursed my family, because I was only seeing death as a way out. Since Azazel has done this to/for me I realize this isn’t the case. I don’t want them to die anymore. However I’ll be working to see if I can lift these curses, however if the weight is too large, since so much magick is cursing her. I’ll let them go and manifest and make changes from there.

I do however want to give thanks to my brothers/magicians/teachers.

Thank you all!


You had several instances of people who had no selfish incentive to help you, reaching out a friendly hand and trying to see you right. This is a HUGE blessing, you could have ended up dead very easily, or worse.

Please consider my words I PM’d, and think about taking a break from this forum, black magick, the whole thing, and getting yourself grounded and your life a bit more stable.

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