My story ~ how Azazel led me into the occult

So I thought I’d write my story down… I think it’d be nice to show a little bit about who I am and how I came here. I keep it hidden so much.

It’s a little long… but its raw.

I was born an only child. My father was too sick to have another. I was only 3, a month away from my 4th birthday when he passed. I was young but… I remember so distinctly, one day we were driving around in his white pickup, I was sitting in the backseat watching the back of his balding head when I heard a little voice tell me that he wasnt going to be with me much longer. I still remember the way the engine seemed to roar so loud and the shocks must not have been very good because I just remember feeling every little bump on the road. It was an old pickup after all. So from then on I decided I was going to be sweeter to him (I ruled the roost with an iron hand).
I dont remember seeing spirits till after he died. Although the first time I remember seeing an aura I was in the middle of being potty trained lol. My parents didn’t know how to teach me so our neighbor did. She trained me with M&Ms. I still remember the colors she had in her hand too. 2 oranges a yellow and a blue. I remembered thinking about how the colors matched “the lights around her.” She had a very blue and orange aura. From then on I dont remember I time when I couldn’t see them.

The early years of elementary I talked about the “lights” a lot. As well as the spirits I would see. As a young child everyone dismissed it so much as just my imagination, and I guess I did too for a while. When I was 6 I had a dream of some kids that would leave their bodies when they would go to sleep, and were able to fly anywhere. The next night I decided I’d try it… and it worked. It was surprisingly and stunningly easy back then. It felt so good… I went to the first place I thought of: this little meadow in the forest by my house. It was filled with spirits, but mainly the fae. They assigned to me 3 guardians and my guide in this magickal little realm was a tiny man who well… greatly resembled a gnome. He taught me how to teleport anywhere I wanted with just a thought. I remember that had made a problem for me because my kind would constantly fly to all these places I wanted to go and see. I kept teleporting without meaning to… so he taught me how to control my thoughts. He taught me that what you think… has a lot of power. So I began to take that with me into the 3 dimensional world. I had achieved a lot…

After a good year I finally broke down and told my mother. She sat me down and had a serious conversation with me about “Astral travel.” She said that this was considered witchcraft and God says that it was evil. I was just a little girl… so I obeyed and never tried again until much later in life.

When I transitioned into middle school… these “abilities” that used to give me great joy, proved to be a very heavy burden. In elementary I didn’t have to put up with hundreds of other children in the hallways. I only dealt with about 19 other classmates. I could handle all of their energies… but not hundreds at once. All of them brushing up against me… it was hard. And to top it off, I grew up in a very Christian home and at this point in my life I was desperately trying to fit those molds.
It didn’t help that spirits began to try speaking to me even more than they did before. I began to think that God was going to send me to hell for being the way I was… Christians aren’t supposed to speak with spirits… or see them… or know things about people they shouldn’t.

This sent me spiraling down into an awful depression. It was just my mother and I… and neither sides of our family wanted anything to do with us. We lived alone on a ranch and naturally, I was bullied for that and my lack of self esteem or sense that I mattered at all. It seemed they were all able to pick out who was the weakest and step on them until there was nothing left.

I couldn’t handle this on top of all of the extra sensory that was going on so I began to start cutting myself every night. Over some time I had become swarmed with parasitic shadow beings, of course I didn’t know that’s what they were at the time. I only thought they were demons. They terrified me so much some nights I was too afraid to breathe. After a while they began to physically beat and rape me some nights… I dont think I’d ever felt so broken.

One night after I had finished bleeding myself out onto the carpet I sat in my bed with my back against the wall, terrified of all these shadows that were swirling around me. I was too afraid to close my eyes. But something different happened on this night… the figure of this enormous shadow slid into my room down from the ceiling. It covered up an entire wall and was blacker than bitch… blacker than night.

All the smaller shadows seemed to be afraid of it. They backed up against the opposite side of the room and all huddled together until finally they disappeared. The shadow remained there for hours. I didn’t feel afraid of it, but I wanted to keep an eye on it just in case. Eventually I felt I could finally relax and I fell asleep.

The next night, the same thing had happened. The giant shadow appeared once again, scaring all of the others away. I had started to become grateful and relieved when he would appear. When he would enter the room I could feel my skin feel icy hot… that’s how he felt. Hot and cold at once. After maybe a week I finally felt completely comfortable and would say “you dont scare me.” I would fall asleep smiling at the shadow watching over me. I was 13 at the time.

Later on as I was cutting myself again in the closet, the shadow came early and, for the first time in almost a month, spoke to me.

“If you want them to leave you alone… stop giving them what they want.”

With those words it’s almost as if he just downloaded so much info directly into my brain… revealing the sacredness of blood and how cutting myself was making a sacrifice to the beings that were torturing me so… And with that I was able to stop cutting and the parasitic beings did leave me alone.

But the shadow kept coming. Every night. And just watched. I’d wake up with anxiety attacks in the middle of the night feeling like I couldn’t breathe and gasping for air. But then I would feel his presence come over me, and a pressure on my chest… and I could breathe again. I was finally able to sleep.

I began to talking to him. Asking him about himself and why he was there… he wouldn’t say anything but I could feel he wanted to. So I talked enough for the both of us. I would drone on and on talking about this and that. I felt as though he was laughing at me sometimes.

When I turned 14 he began showing up during the daytime in the mornings when I would be getting ready for school. I sang the most during that time. He started to give me tips and little lessons. It was because of his coaching that the head of the board of one of the college universities took me on as a student.
The shadow would ask me to sing often. By this time his great shadowy cloak seemed to melt away into the form of a very tall man with s black cloak. And eventually… just a man. I began to beg him to tell me who he is because well… I had started to feel very much for him. I began to get angry that he wouldn’t tell me.

Throughout this time I was also dipping my feet into witchcraft and magick. It brought me comfort and at least provided some answers. I didn’t have anyone to talk about it though. I only stayed up late studying and studying.

For the first time since I was 6, I was taken from my body by him. He took me to a place somewhere in the stars that just seemed to be a floating little room in the heavens… a getaway. I Needed that. And at 14 years of age… things began to become sexual. This sent me into a world of confusion. I questioned my sanity… yet felt that life as a whole had become one big joke. I was angry and confused and so very in love for the first time in my life… so completely and wildly in love. He became my only dream in life and I seemed to create my entire identity around him. I wanted to leave my body for good and be with him… things were so bad at school and at home that I just wanted to leave that life behind and live with him in that little room in the stars where we had spent so many nights together. My soul yearned for him every waking moment. As a christian, I knew my love for him was “wrong”… but I didn’t care. I would blindly follow him anywhere, no matter the cost. I didn’t care about right or wrong or “truth”. My only truth was the way I felt about him.

So one day when I felt life had gotten really bad… I grabbed several bottles of prescription pain killers and decided to end it all. And in case that didn’t work I decided to drink a bottle of cologne and some saki. I lied there and waited to fall asleep and never wake up. During those last moments of conciousness, the last thing I saw was him. I felt he had completely surrounded me… holding me.

The next day I woke up without so much as vomiting. The usual fight had broken out between my mother and I and I cracked and showed her all the bottles I had swallowed. She took me straight to a mental hospital as an in patient. She showed them all the bottles that I had emptied into my system and they said it was a miracle I wasnt dead and that I should thank God for the miracle… but it wasnt God… it was him.

After I had gotten out of the hospital my mother switched me to a different school. Things got better socially, though I still hadn’t gotten a handle on feeling and seeing everything. By this time the shadow had already given me a name to call him by. He had said “It is my name, but not what I am called.” I later found out it translates to “darkness” (very appropriate). Unfortunately I cant share it, he has gotten mad at me for telling other people.

From my time I shared with him I tried to gather clues as to his identity.
From the time I was 15 and over the next couple years I had one thing in my mind that I knew for certain. Though he felt so very angelic… he was very dark and seemed to have a lot in his past he was hiding. I had seen him be very hostile to my mother when she had gotten a little too carried away with her “disciplinary actions.” I have mentioned this on the forum before. He bruised her in the exact same places she bruised me.

One night in our little room in the stars… I dont know how I did it, but I had the intention of seeing through him and into his past and when I touched him… it’s almost as though I was transported through a series of visions. I saw him standing on a pile of bones. And somehow I just… knew that he was blamed for all these deaths and much more. I saw him in darkness… almost like you see in movies when someone goes to heaven. No floor or ceiling or walls… just a white. Except this was black. Like a void. I kept this in my back pocket.

Some time later during a bible study we were reading about how the Israelites would send a goat out into the wilderness for Azazel. For some reason this really really caught my attention and I began to ask questions. My mother explained to me that Azazel was a fallen angel blamed for the sin in the world. He was a scapegoat. When she said this my heart sank… I remember feeling my blood run cold and my hands begin to shake. I was in disbelief… denile even. I decided to forget about it.

Some months later I had this nagging in the back of my mind telling me to read the book of Enoch. I didn’t know anything about it. I had heard it mentioned before but other than that I had no knowledge of its contents. So finally I gave into the little voice and asked my mother if we could study it. And of course… the leader of the fallen Angels was Azazel…

So of course I freaked out a bit… I had decided I would gladly burn in hell if it meant I got to be with him a long time ago… I just didn’t know he was this huge figure.

It wasnt until after I turned 18 this past September that I randomly decided to start researching him online to see if anyone else had contact with him… it was then that I found E.A Koetting and BALG… and now here I am… fully emersed into the occult…
I came here chasing him… but found so much more.
And oh how I’ve changed.


Very intense. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing. I’ll probably reread several times over. I’d imagine many here have had experiences since early childhood. It seems to be a norm. It’s true for me as well.

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I believe that. And just reflecting over things… that’s amazing. I used to cry over feeling so alone in all this. I felt crazy. I love you guys. This feels like home. The left hand path… BALG. I’m just so glad I found it all. I’m glad Azazel led me here.
Thank you for reading :heart:


I feel the love and compassion. Who says us so-called devil worshippers can’t be loving and kind? Lol … anyhow, it’s hearing and sharing and reading the accounts like you provided that make us all feel at home here. Your absolutely right about that. Welcome home my friend!


That’s exactly what I love. Theres so much support, but any one of us would not hesitate to rip someone’s throat out. A little evil a little love. Just the right mixture :relieved:
It just never felt right on the right hand path.



If you don’t have all your ducks in a row, then you’re an ego-devil!

Nevermind the fact I substitute feeling morally and spiritually pure for being an actual HUMAN BEING!


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We are all in this together and my opinion on the amount of sincerity shown to one another vs those not in or apart of our cause and movement is due to fact that we have done our studying and our homework so to speak, many of us also have hit rock bottom a number of times in many situations of family, school, work, etc, so the capacity for genuine understanding of one another is therefore abundant and I thank you for realizing this! It means everything to me and many others who simply “get it” :exclamation:


Mmmhhmm. It just… it didn’t feel any less constricting. They claimed open mindedness but are so quick to judge others whether it be ego or morality. Like hey… just let people live life why are you enforcing shit on them? Anger is bad. Darkness is bad. So fear based.
I would have an affinity for demons (cuz… Azazel obviously) and oh my gods did I lose friends lmao.

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That’s so so very true. Man I could say so much on this…

I’d be blind not to! You people are the shiT. I hope you know that.

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Thank you so much for reading.
And yea Christians have a funny way of practicing what they preach against.


I just read over this for the first time
I hadn’t realized how many typos this shit has :unamused: oh well ig.


Though just 18, you experienced HELL of a life till now. A gifted and unique life also. Take this path of spirituality and it will guide and help you in this life and the next too.

One question, does azazel come to you everyday and are you 100% sure it’s Azazel.

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Wow so beautiful😓 and relateable.
I’m going / gone through similar of a hellish life, would you please ask him what I can do to sort out mine? I would be very greatful.
Also I had the same experience with the religion i was brought up in… especially women were not allowed to be in contact and do these ‘evil things’. … So in my early 20’s I asked them to leave (because it was getting overwhelming to try and keep this a secret and not know how to deal with myself and also to fit in with people ), and they did :sweat:… (to tell you abit there was a dark figure manifesting and I asked of it, through a clear a religious article and telepathic connection that I wanted it to go, and it asked also if I might not want it back in the future but I hesitantly said no… and I didn’t have much ‘spirit invasion’ since,but they don’t seem to come back or able to now…)but in recent years I’ve been trying really hard to ask them back, they didn’t at first, but I’m still a bit stuck . I feel so alone in this world. I feel so guilty for this deliberate disconnection ,but at the time no one would except or direct me in this, and this was getting overwhelming, but I feel as if I closed a portal :sweat:… I know there is a spirit(s) out there interested in me, once upon a time anyway… and yearn for the joy (excitement) and specialness and love that I felt by no human being on this earth that I felt when I was connected to the 'spirtual
I have no family or friend who love me (except my duty and tiedupness of love i have towards my two kids which has brought along with it a lifetime of persecution and trouble to say the minimum. … and every person around is trying to brake me for it… legal and lay) and the reason that forces me to go on is because of ‘them’. But I will admit I’m still entangled abit in the judo-Christian belief of demons, so i fear alittle (and that is why too i think i need a mentor ) how can I prove myself wrong once and for all?

  • Much love, you are strong, you are amazing, you are special that you have someone like that looking over you :heart::heart::wavy_dash:
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Not a doubt in my mind. And no it’s not every single day.
A long time ago he had given me a symbol to trace in the air “for protection”.
Then I come to BALG and hear about “sigils” and enns. So I looked up Azazels, and it was the exact symbol he had given me. I didn’t know it was called a sigil back then.
But I didn’t stop there. I made sure to evoke him as well, and yup… no doubt in my mind.
Honestly I understand why you ask though. I fucking hardly believe it myself sometimes. To tell you the truth when I found out it was him I was a bit upset. I didn’t want it to be him. I think I tried more ways to prove it wasnt him more than it was.
I dont know why he came to me at such a young age… I dont know why he came to me at all. I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t.


I know… it can be very overwhelming. Sometimes all the secrecy eats me up, but writing this helps. It sounds completely nuts lmao but I’ve been dying to get those words out (even though there are sooo many typos lol. Could’ve been better written).
If you’re having a hard time seeing them, I would believe it’s really likely that you’ve consciously shut off your third eye and all or your other extra sensory abilities along with it. It’s not impossible to get it back, you just gotta work for it.

Well the least I can say is that you are special. And hopefully you have resolved all the ‘issues’ life like this must have given you. Having no father, being bullied/marginalized, poor must have created some Unseen scars.

Well, life has its own perks, doesn’t it. :hugs: One day I will sit with you and share our hearts and life, with a glass of wine each, like that’s the last day of existence. But not today, mate. Not today.


Thank you @Goku you’re really sweet.
Life is good now… I’m definitely not who I used to be.

I really appreciate all your support @Goku

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I know all about living a kind of double life in this regard. It can be a lonely path at times. It helps to have peers who are on your wavelength even if it’s just in a place like this. Finding peers can be difficult because this path can attract all kinds of delusional nutjobs. I am grateful that those types don’t last long here.


Well written and evocative. Thanks for sharing. :black_heart:

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I completely agree.