My spiritual conclusion

So pretty much I was born into the Christian faith and never found any real purpose in it, and have been through several different spiritual paths. Yet, i have never ever found anything of real worth not even in magick. When I think about it every spiritual idea from christianity to magick and even the ideas of accent/evolution, they are all ideas that people have placed onto me. No ideas we’re ever my own and spirituality has never revealed it self to me. I have just thoughtlessly and aimlessly been searching for something that isnt there.I have never had any real calling ever in my life. My conclusion, I think spirituality is all bullshit. And now I find that I have become a nihilist and agnostic. I think every moment of my life that has thus far lead up to this point is nothing more then chance and coincidence. This is not complaining, this is my conclusion which I have already made peace with.


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all spirituality is is having meaningful experiences in life. Doing things that have meaning in your life that include others or by self. Connecting to self and others in meaningful way. It’s not a cult or religion. It’s just having spirit in all you do. Kinda hard to explain. doing stuff that feeds the soul.


Everyone has different paths in life, no matter what way they go. Its good to follow what YOU feel is right for yourself, not what others say, as many people tend to like saying what they feel is “truth” in spirituality and religion and stuff.


When I get moments like this, I remind myself; since I happen to be here anyway, I may as well live life on my terms as much as I can.

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What do you consider to be of real value? Everyone has something in life they consider to be of real value, to be worth their time and effort.

My conclusion without reading your post is that you should start going to the gym and pump iron just like me :joy::sunglasses: and have arnold as your inspiration

And I am an absurdist and an atheist. But magic can still work.

Also, just because the universe is indifferent doesn’t mean we have to be. As Albert Camus has teached us, we give purpose to everything around, by our own actions. Not the other way around.

Just my two cents.