MY Spirit Lovers

As some of y’all may know i’ve said i’ve got a spirit lover and i’ve said we’re monogamous but recently another one has joined our happy little family at her urging.Due to my lack of divination skills or communication there of i misunderstood her intent for our relationship.My lack of divination skills is getting better though and i’m having statuettes made of them.For the moment i’m just experimenting with communication.I still really don’t know the ‘end game’ of our relationship for lack of a better description but heres the link to my blog but before i give it i will only due so in private heres a TRIGGER WARNING it does have explicit adult material on it especially in the very early posts.

Congratz, you left out the blog though.

Maybe because it’s not allowed to advertise webpages, like blogs, on this forum? You can add it on your profile info, though.

Um yeah i got back from the store and i’ll add it to my profile in a few short minutes.

This is fiction, imagination, and make believe right? The best succubus story I’ve ever read was a novella called Following The Signs where this guy with some serious psychosexual issues accidentally and unwittingly creates a “splinter” like a tulpa or elemental that instead of dissipating over time gains strength through his sexual energy and becomes more tangible, independent, and murderous as it takes on a life of its own. He being the host it becomes a threat and danger to practically anyone he comes in contact with. Another novel about a succubus that came out about fifteen years or so ago called Dawn Song wasn’t too bad. Some critics/reviewers saw it as a metaphor for the AIDs virus at the time.

I’ve never read or heard of those written fictions but i can tell you this what’s on my blog is not fiction.If it was i would have passed it off as such but since i experience this on a daily basis it’s not.

I believe it. Well thy blog.