My Spirit Communication

I don’t get why people try and make spirit communication harder than it actually is.Believe me i know and still make it harder than it has to be.Here is a recent experience i had.A person asked me to send my spirit to him and his spirit to get a feel for what his spirit is like.I then started to meditate later on that night since that’s how i know my spirit prefers communication besides touching and emotions,and saw a “vision” of the spirit and him of what they both looked like and what she likes to do with him and a glimpse of her happiness with him.He later told me i was spot on in my description.So a little advice to newbies like me new to spirit communication.Just find a preferred method of spirit communication with your spirit whether it be dreaming,meditation,or telepathy and improve on that.It took me over a year just to get this far in communicating with my spirit but results may vary depending on how sensitive you are to spirits.And whatever you do don’t force it let it come naturally.

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Cool, what did the spirit look like?

The few seconds i did see of the spirit was that she had blonde hair and may have been caucasian but since she is a shapeshifter i’m pretty sure that’s not her true form.

I would love to find alternative comms with my spirit. The whole dreaming thing seems to work about once every in awhile as I seem to have only like…less than a handful of journal entries to date. Meditation…like what sort of meditation methods?