My Spellcasting Journal

This will be my second journal and kept in a different structure and orientation than my other journal.
The direction of this journal will be to explore the etiology of the spells I will be casting.

I want to make note that during my one and half decade since my spiritual awakening, I have been keeping myself mainly to the theory of magick, with less than ten documented spells.
Of the eight spells I know I have cast, seven have been considered a success, and the eight have been a botched ritual with strong consequences.

It is my hope that I will be able to turn my life around with the use of spells, and following the completion of Arcanomicon Volume One, I got the very basic tool to commence an aggressive wave of spellcasting.

As my school of magick is a form of High Magick, there is an importance set into ritual tools, dates, times, a whole lot of jargon to describe things, and holy shit amount of preparations.

I have not been lazy during my theoretical phase, a lot of time and effort have been put into studying the ebb and flow of magick.

I will need to be vague the first week, as I don’t share details of any magickal workings, but I will make an effort updating this journal with spell progress.

Sadly, I am not one for sharing spells, so expect little to no spells, this is not a grimoire.
The nature of the journal is merely reporting observations.

Goddess watch over me, bless your child as it embraces the quest for power and knowledge, may the stars guide my path, and may the light guide me without illusions.


Sunday 25/08/2019

Mixed blood of the stars.
Sun core implement almost complete in its manifestation.
Arcanomicon on stand-by.
Sun oil prepared.

No spells prepared.
No spells cast.

Monday will mark first day in the first wave.

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the energy of the Super blackmoon empowers New beginnings. This month August 2019 is very powerful and brings harmony.


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Friday Night 13/09/2019

No spells prepared.
One spell cast.

Just finished a ritual.

Thursday Night 26/09/2019

Previous entry referred to a small ritual to Zeus, it may have worked, as shortly after a result manifested.