My son born with the cull


My newest son whose 8 months was born with what they call a cull. When he was coming out I about shit cause it didn’t look like my first boy he looked alien lol I kept my mouth shut to not scare my wife and then one of the nurses told me what it was.

She was old and had done thousands upon thousands of child births and it was her first to see. Its the sack that they live in while in the womb and it covers there face and wraps around there ears, Sailors use to buy them for on boats in hopes of not drowning, in places like India they raise the kids to be spiritual leaders and are worshiped and way way back they were said to be kings by birth rite.

And its said that they are more likely to be psychic and have extra sensory perception. Some times when I’m feeding him he will look from side to side of me and laugh and play very strangely as if hes seeing someone when this happens its like I can feel something on my shoulders (gives me a chill just thinking about it) other times he will wake up on me and be really scared looking the same way almost trying to hide from something. This shit has scared me a couple times when he freaked out.
I have another kid and never had the same occurrences plus a ton of kids in my family who were a lot younger that I tended too. Does anyone here have a child with the cull or know anyone who does and how they act and interpret things.




Yes Brutus, thanks for pointing that out, having the right spelling helps with searching lol.