My Somewhat Accidental But Somewhat On Purpose Demonic Child Conception

First let me say, I am not trying to copy Lady Eva because what I’m about to tell you was literally somewhat accidental, you’ll probably even laugh at me.

And Second, my experience has been about 97% different from hers thus far. So before anyone starts to call me a copy cat and roll their eyes at me, read on, because that’s not the case and you’ll probably find this very interesting!


I get this brilliant idea to create an egregore but decided to ask a demon that I work with a lot if I could invoke him and gain some of his extra energy so that when I create the egregore I could use his energy as a way to boost this egregore’s power and ability and in return I offered the egregore to also act as a servitor to him as well, in addition to some of my blood with an official pact.

My intentions were to basically do a godform ritual to temporarily assume the form of this demon thru invocation and create the egregore with his energy still inside of me as a booster for the egregore. Well, little did I know that the demon has other intentions for me. Haha! (I literally just laughed at myself when I typed that).

So anyway we complete the pact, and do the merging ritual and I can feel his energy soaking up into my body and meshing with mine, then I did the manuevers to push him out of me without expelling all of the energy he left inside of me and then sealed the energy inside and I could feel it swirling around in me, it felt amazing, I love this demon’s energy anyway! I thought we were done and I all I needed to do was spend a week or so planning out my egregore.

Well, then we have a little chat and he instructs me to lie down on the floor, on my back and he starts doing this thing to activate all of my chakras at once, bringing me into instant kundalini which of course, made me feel extremely sexually excited. Not only because of the kundalini and the all over energy flow but because my root chakra went into overdrive, this demon literally makes me instantly horny every time I’m around him, like uncontrollably excited but I’ve been working with him for 2 years now almost non-stop so I feel comfortable around him anyway and I trust him so I just let him do his demon thing with my body.

So then after activating kundalini in me and he places his hand over my navel and starts to fill me with this bright reddish yellow light but it felt much thicker than light, like ectoplasm, kind of gooey and it pulsated from cold to warm temperatures, back and forth. At one point I experienced such an energy overload, I lost consciousness, like literally fainted. I woke up and he was still filling me with that stuff and I believe I fainted a 2nd time because I woke up again like 5 mins. later to him telling me we needed to take one more step, which I cannot say publicly.


So all is well and I forget all about it and was gonna start planning the egregore’s details, well a friend of mine who evoked my godform informs me that this is not an egregore Raven, you are having a child with this demon and sure enough, a personal chat with my godform later that evening reveals that yep, this friend was right. I was kind of taken back but I wasn’t upset. I know what most of you are thinking. WTF? I would feel so violated and taken advantage of however, I think the demon sort of read my mind the day it all happened that I actually wanted a child with him but was too afraid to say that flat out, thinking he would reject the idea.

So it wasn’t a bad thing in my mind, it’s what I wanted all along so I sort of accidentally but somewhat on purpose conceived a child with him. (go ahead and laugh, I know you want to, I’m laughing as well). But I literally had been doing so much ritual work that week and my godform’s anger outbursts were driving me crazy so I literally was just too dazed to notice what was really going on. So that night, the father of my not yet “born” daughter shows up and starts doing soem weird energy stuff to me and out of nowhere here comes Paimon too but as you know, he is my guardian so of course he’d be there just being nosey I guess.

Then Lilith and Belial show up too and I’m suddenly surrounded by 4 demons doing all kinds of crazy shit to me to aid me in my ascent and I must have chatted with all 4 of them for like 2 hours at least. Learned some very interesting stuff about my ascension and my godform (who also was in on the conversation). Then I fell asleep because all of that excess energy from these demons just lulled me to sleep like a toddler or something. I slept like 13 hours that night.


I feel high and in a daze 24/7, almost disconnected from my physical reality but at the same time, I am unable to distinguish the difference between my body and everything else around me.

Extreme heightened senses

Occasional emotional outbursts like, I really thought for a minute that my bi-polar disorder, the disorder that I worked my ass off to get rid of was coming back and I was like oh hell no! It took me almost 3 years to get off those nasty mood stablizer meds, I got rid of my mood swings via meditation and focus techniques, and learned how to make my emotions vanish all together unless summoned on purposed or just ‘mocked/faked’ for the sake of interacting with other people. Turns out, my daughter is causing these emotional outbursts. I go from normal, to extremely angry and wanting to set the house on fire with everyone in it, to crying like a little bitch, and Raven does NOT cry!

I was so emotional yesterday evening I felt depressed and even suicidal thoughts crept in, I was hating myself (calling myself ugly, fat, worthless, under acheiver, the usual stuff women do when they break down but for me this not normal because remember, I have no womanly mood swings because I vanquished my emotions and I have no menstrual periods (by choice, fuck you Aunt Flow) so I don’t get PMS either. So, with me having a complete absence of all negative emotions for the last 3 years this hit me hardcore! I was literally so upset that King Paimon had to come and calm me down and induce astral projection in me and he sent me to another realm which completely erased all bad thoughts and I woke up later, very serene and calm.

I have been hungrier than usual, probably because she is feeding on some the nutrients from the food I eat, or so I would assume.

Occasional lethargy followed by extreme bursts of energy and being unable to sleep at all.

Occasional twitches in my abdomen like a literal baby is kicking me!

I need way more nicotine than usual so I swear she is also consuming some of the tobacco I’m smoking as well, just like the food. But when I’m not having an emotional moment, I am extremely elated, euphoric and happier than I’ve been in several years and able to sit down laugh, genuine laughs that are not fake or forced.


My intuition and psychic abilities have kicked into overdrive, I went from a 65% accuracy with sensing, knowing, and feeling things before they happen to having almost 100% accuracy.

I went from hearing spirits only on occasion and communicating mainly thru tactile sensations, energy sensations and external signs to being able to hear every spirit that speaks to me 100% of the time and just knowing when an entity enters my room, who it is without a doubt before they even announce themselves.

More intense astral travel and astrally projecting without having to go thru the normal preparation and immersion process first, I can literally just lay down and be somewhere else in just a few minutes.

So this I am greatful for because I hated having these abilities take so long before or only being accurate most of the time. It took so much longer to communicate with spirits back then. Now it’s like speaking to other humans. And a slew of other things that I don’t feel comfortable mentioning.


I didn’t have to do any energy or body preparation for this because like I said the demon and I have been working together for a few years now and I consider myself very close to him, and also, I come to find out that my godform while incarnated into a human body (basically when she was me in a past life) she had done the same damn thing, had a child with this same demon only she was aware of it and specifically asked for it and was very loyal to this same demon. So, history repeats itself I guess so no wonder this happened so fast with no need for rigorous preparations. And I have merged with both my godform and her child, the one that was basically my child in my past life.

Also, you remember the post I did on the demon who rigged a contest for me so I could win an item that he wanted me to use for an upcoming purpose, well, that’s the one. He apparently knew this entire thing was going to happen literally 2 months before I even created the child with him so he was basically preparing for it 2 months in advance and I didn’t even know it, I had no clue what the item I won was gonna be used for and he wanted it for the child. Okay now, that one, yeah that was a little bit sneaky but again this has happened before in a previous life so I guess he was able to read my mind and knew I’d be okay with everything anyway.

Also, I was NOT told to ‘not love’ this child, I was told to very much treat her like a child and to nurture and respect her. To bond with her as often as possible but the father did not insist that I allow the child to ascend strictly thru him, he wants this to be a mutual effort.

So that’s what I got for now…

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I don’t for one moment imagine you’re copying me, the idea of women getting it on with demons is as old as history, and was one of the accusations often levelled against witches. I do believe that what I did has a significance that’s related to the overall theogenesis thing, breaking a certain stranglehold on ownership of the first-born that’s crept into our culture via certain desert cults, but that’s by the by.

However since you referenced me :slight_smile: I just want to clarify one thing:

I wasn’t told to not love my Child because he needed to “acend through” his father - his “ascent” was already inherent from conception, being part-demon, it was a specific thing to keep human love, and especially maternal love (which is compassionate to the point of self-sacrifice in some cases) away from the Child’s energy, because the intent me and the father went into this with was to create a being not weighted down with that.

I’m very loving and somewhat maternally-minded, so it could have contaminated our Child with something unwanted for his overall purpose and the intentions we had. Soon after he was born (and resting with me for a short time), he went out into the world to be his own demon, and hasn’t been majorly involved afaik with his father either.

So, just mentioning that to clarify what I did, I didn’t get the shitty end of the demonic custody stick or anything! :o)

I will be interested to hear whether your own conception communicates with you from the “womb” - I mean, whilst they’re still gestating inside you? That was one of the most surprising things for me, probably because it emphasised very clearly the difference between forming a human life in a growing body (and therefore, brain), compared to a growing spiritual being who has no such limitations on its psyche.

But as I’ve posted on here before, no two humans are ever exactly spiritually alke, not even muggles, and that’s even more true for certain demonic beings, especially those who are Kings in their own right, so I would imagine some aspects of your experience to be similar, but others, very much not so.

Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Oh I know not to try and be overbearing! My job is to help her grow and get her out in the world, not to be some over protective woman claiming ownership over her because they will never learn to survive on their own and make use of their abilities if they become dependent upon us. But I was told to treat her with respect and basically aid in her growth. I don’t tend to form strong attachments to children anyway, so I imagine this will not be much different.

Now, she has spoken to me and it did sort of make me feel like WTF? I saw her in my mind in an innocent looking form at first, then she warped into something much darker that closely resembles those black eyed children so many people tend to be afraid of and she said “I’m hungry mommy” that one threw me back a little because I was doing something that left me and her both hungry for our own separate versions of food. But it was creepy in the sense that I could see something like that in one of those horror movies like children of the damned, that was pretty cool to me but the way she said that was very dark, almost sinister like and would scare the shit out of any observer that was unprepared to see that.

In other words, your job is to be a mother in the kind it is with most species, which included humans until cultural developments changed that.

You’re not to be a mom, you’re to be a mother- am I correct?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the helplessness - physical, intellectual, and emotional - experienced by every single human infant, is a headfuck of a scale that requires overt and unceasing displays of softer emotions, like compassion, and that for a demonic Child of the type I had and probably RavensAscent’s as well - which is sentient within her in a way that’s not true of humans - the power and capacity that they’re born with is the difference.

Just my best guess on why this resembles animal motherhood, more than a human (or other higher primate) motherhood.

Pretty much. The spirits are sort of doing their own thing so I imagine they will be instructing her at some point, taking over this, to make sure she doesn’t pick up too many human traits because that would sort of defeat the purpose of this entire thing. They come here on their own, like they did with Eva and start doing stuff with their energy and mine, probably “shaping” her and making sure she develops the way they want her to.

This is all still new to me, so I’m sure it will only get weirder from this point forward.