My Servitor

My Dears,

I’m creating a Servitor to haunt a person.
I already have clarity about his abilities etc.
But I am wondering: I want him to be only felt by one person in this household. As there are children living in it and worry about about their ability to maybe sense him, shall I had something like "stay invisible for the children’ or something? I don’t want them to be scared.

Second thing I am not sure about if that will work the way I planned it is:
I want the servitor to whisper to the target when he is asleep. Also I’d like to give him the ability
to manifest when the target is asleep and stay in a corner of the bedroom starring at the target till he wakes up and something like the target can see him when he is half a sleep. I want to achieve that he feels haunted.

Also I will add the Servitor shall cause anxiety in my targets thoughts.

I know there are a lot of Topics about Servitors. But as I am planning and creating it not in a rush at wisely I hope you don’t mind for one more. I want him to live very long and grow as big as he can.

Atm I think he will feed from the fear and pressure feelings from my target but not sure yet. Also thinking about to feed him myself to make sure he will always have enough Energy.

Thanks for ur thought. xx Hailie


So long as your servitor has a clear purpose and instructions you don’t have to worry about it doing things you’d prefer it not to do. Servitors are products of our Will, given psychic birth from within our own souls, and as such their Will is aligned with our own. Clarity will remove any potential issues, just ensure that the servitor knows that it is under your command, that it is to obey your every request, to come to you immediately when called, and to willingly dissipate when you have no more need of its services.

If you’re interested in servitor magick, I’d suggest Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand. It was actually my first grimoire, found it after discovering chaos magick and trying to figure out wtf it was and how to do it, r/occult is not very good at answering that question in a clear, direct way. I think someone posted about summoning Sitri over there not too long ago and people were losing their goddamn minds, it was rather amusing. No scary demons in the armchair, I suppose.


I have his book. This not my first Servitor but the first one I use for such a purpose that is why I am struggling a bit and wanted to hear ur thoughts and opinions. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that? Sorry I don’t get the point.

I would love to have more information in the course of this experiment and how things will unfold.

I will keep you posted but I am sure it will take a while. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you want a servitor for this job since you don’t seem to want any astral or physical effects a simple thought form should be just fine. Servitors are both mental and energetic constructs effectively simple to complex artificial spirits that operate primarily from the astral plane and energetic level while thought forms exist only on the mental and can for the most part only influence the mind and emotions from there. That sounds much more like what you need and they can be far harder to detect by anyone not intended to interact with them. It can do all the things you want since those are mental effects and can be far more self propagating and even create further thought forms and parasites from your targets reaction and obsessions with his fear. As to the manifesting in the corner of the room it does not need to really manifest as much as project its presence into their mind so they know it is there. All mental and far easier to make than a servitor which would be the next step up.


Thanks for this :slight_smile:
But I want him to have physical effects just didn’t not mention here…I only added the points where I wasn’t sure. At let I want him to switch off or destroy electronic devices and some other stuff :slight_smile:

I decided to ask a Spirit for help.

Question: Will I first create the Servitor and bring it to life and then evoke the Spirit and ask for strengthen his abilities? Or shall I do that before?

I thought I’d envoke the Spirit after the servitor is a life. But I thought better to ask :slight_smile:

Usually if I’m using a spirit to enhance a servitor it is best done during its creation where it is actually being put together and still easy to modify instead of once fully assembled.


I’d be suprised, if that works.

Children are more open and seceptive to magick,
then any adult can be.^^

But, try it out,
and see if you can raise it next to children,
without them noticing.



That’s what I thought. I am not sure too.
Honestly, I am not sure if I wanna try it when I am not 100% sure and I din’t want the Kids to be scared or something.

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