My senses are crap. I'm sure they can hear me but

Lets say I I contact them through the sigil, is it possible for me to ask them to use my hand to write on a peice of paper? They can actually temporarily possess my hand without YET evoking them?

Pardon my annoyance, I like to know what i’m getting into if shit hits the fane and the unexpected occurs.


I used to use “automatic writing” as a way to become more open to spirit communication. I don’t do this anymore, but it was useful for a while and I received some interesting things. The problem I have with it is that you often just end up writing down a lot of “noise” or random thoughts. It’s like with dreaming - most of the time dreams are just random brain stuffs being mashed together, but sometimes they are undeniably more “supernatural,” and this is one of those “you know it when you experience it” kind of things.

Now I prefer to just relax and calm my mind, and then allow words and images to arise if they will. Sometimes some crazy shit happens in ritual, but oftentimes the experience is quite mild with little to no communication at all, just summoning of the energy. Techniques like meditation and chanting mantras or incantations can help you get into this open and relaxed state.

When chanting, it helps to “vibrate” the words, allowing them to rumble up from your belly and resonate in your throat. This is helpful for a variety of reasons, mostly because it helps you feel the words more tangibly and physically in your body, which can help keep your mind focused on the ritual. Some incantations are quite powerful even when you speak them like normal words, but this technique of “vibrating” the words is worth practicing and getting comfortable with.

I suppose I should answer one of your actual questions - you can receive some communication just by meditating on a sigil and performing a basic ritual, but especially while you are learning to open your senses it helps to perform more elaborate evocations with chanting and visualizations. This way you can still do magick and get results while also training your imagination and other magickal abilities. Directly receiving words in your mind is not the only way to make contact, though, so if you remain open to your intuition you can discover the many ways in which the spirits will communicate with you.

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