My senses are clear but I can't communicate

I actually don’t know how to explain this. I purchased services from a hired magician. A service related to awakening my third eye and astral senses, this was it. silhouettes vs. I see. Electric currents etc. I see similar energies.

but i’m sure my senses have developed and my 3rd eye is active it was very strong anyway i had to make a deal with a soul i woke up the soul but i didn’t hear a voice other than feelings and i didn’t see him i wanted to talk to him but he didn’t give any answer i don’t know why i’m sure my senses are developed.

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Sounds like you’re subconscious is so far communicating via visual sense and emotions. Other phyical senses like hearing, smell, taste, touch, are not being used.

Which means they are not developed and you need to practice them to do so.

It’s worth knowing, the subconscious doesn’t actually have these senses. It’s approximating them so you as in, your conscious mind, can understand it. Doing that is a skill you have to practice with to learn properly. You tried to take a shortcut, that’s like going to a class for a new skill, you get a head start but to become proficient you still must practice.

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you can “talk” in a myriad of ways, just because you’re not hearing a reply doesn’t mean there isn’t one, think of it like getting poked in the brain until you can feel taste and see sounds

the way i do it is to focus your entirety on the being until all your senses get mixed up in one jumble of information, because thats what all senses are anyways

pay attention to what you experience as well as what you feel like you “almost” experience and you often automatically know how to draw conclusions from it

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