My sacrifices

Lately, I’ve given up some of my habits/weaknesses to facilitate evolution/ascent/etc and to honor my spirits, namely all of them. The list being:

  1. my ciggy smoking habit (they will be missed)
  2. my quick temper, I’ve gained more control (thank you @AdamThoth)
  3. my fatass (ever since I joined culinary I went from bieng a stick to being a little plump in the front, I don’t like it. I look fat. So I started working out.) I’ve been on this one for a few days. Already seeing muscles, granted they’re small but progress is progress.

So far it’s been a month without ciggies. I’ve checked my weight. To seal it as an offering, I stated “I dedicate my, essentially, burning my fatass, my giving up smoking, and my controlling of my temper to the spirits I work with, particularly the ones I’m closer to and the ones I’ve recently met. I thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me and for helping me pick up the peices”

Bune found the fat ass part hilarious, but all in all seemed very pleased. I’m going to keep pushing past my limits.


Good for you brother, but just know that until it is two months without smoking, you can’t be sure of not falling back. Take care of that.


In my experience it takes closer to a year.

I’m glad that you are making improvements to your health. I remember seeing tips on using planetary energies,Mars especially, to increase the effectiveness of a work out routine if you are interested in making use of it.

Good job, and good luck :black_heart:


For the physical addiction she’s right, but…

For me and many others, after the chemical addiction is gone, it’s still a psychological struggle not to relapse, especially when around others that smoke…

The psychological “craving” has the potential to never go away.

There’s a saying, “Once a smoker, always a smoker”, which I’m pretty sure speaks to how for many it can be so so so tempting to relapse, even after you’re far past the point of chemical addiction.

Not trying to discourage you, @Fallen_Angel , I think it’s a great thing you’re doing for yourself and I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines, just want to give you a heads up for something you might have to deal with for the rest of your life

Or maybe such bs is reserved for people who could easily go through a pack a day… Dunno if you were at that level or not. Regardless, I hope you don’t have to go through that forever like I do.

Anyway, you got this! :muscle::+1:


I’m aware the point is to celebrate progress

I find this a bit inspiring, TBH, because I’ve been trying to work out and control my temper too. So, I look forward to hearing how things continue on for you.

(Also, I got so stoked when I seen a song by Starset listed on here. Love them!)