My rose Quartz Brings All The Boys To The Yard


My Rose Quartz Brings all the Boys to the yard~

Funny title, yet true, I see this enchantment working to bring the same-or opposite intimate attraction, what you choose do with your quite numerous admires is up to you~

First the Items you will need are all quite affordable and can most likely be found at the nearest new age store.

Red candles x3: 3 is a good number to start because it is the number of manifestation. It also can form a triangle around you, your circle or your object. Although you could also go for the number of intimate admires you desire in your number of candle sticks.

A rose Quartz: Of course how could any fun come in love without the proper aligning stone. Rose quartz of course deals with all aspects in love be it soul mate searching, dating, hell even a one night stand. The size for this stone is recommended small being that you will be carrying it with you.

Incense: Of course the perfect brain wave trance has to be brought on by inducing yourself with smell. I would recommend using scents oriented towards love; cinnamon, rose, hell they even have sticks oriented towards cologne (I found Issie Miyaki) *wrong spelling I’m sure. But something to arouse the wave in your ritual of love/lust.

Wine: Oh yes nothing gets the passion burning like some wine, I would recommend red or blush (depending upon preference) But those colors are deeply entwine in the psych for bringing on the love making (hypothetically).

Sweet Fruit: Strawberries, raspberries, red berries in general, I also added whip cream because im greedy lol but the fruit is also a great way to align you internal energies, we all heard the saying you are what you eat. In magic oral consumption is a great way to take on the properties of something…other than that who doesn’t like strawberries.

Pen/Paper: Hopefully you have a journal, an astral diary, or some scroll set of paper you have grown comfortable with or is resonating with you energy. Eh going to office depot and getting a black sheet of white paper is tacky, as will your spell be once it soars (I’ll explain). The Ink I use is Dragons blood it is red and truly powerful!! Never fails actually.

A Talisman: Enchantment is sooooo much fun!! And yes you will need a talisman. I would strongly recommend using a key for this ritual… Not a regular spare basement key you found that you don’t use any more but something mystical, alluring, enticing almost. I found this ring of keys necklace set from Claires (Retail store). They look ancient and worn and some even have writing upon them. But I definitely recommend keys for a ritual like this because you the mage are unlocking all angles that might not have been open to you before, Keys are perfect talismans for this. The size should be small since it will be on your persons.
A little bit of you: I’ll explain Heh he he~

Now the fun part the ritual! ~
Start by clearing the space. I normally smoke out the room with sage before any ritual just to level the energy field back to neutral. I would suggest not showering…I’ll get to that part later.

Start with your trance meditation.
Music is key for me in any ritual work it totally takes the atmosphere to which ever place I desire. If you want Platonic romance, tune into some cheesy romance, want love, echo those songs through your core, need a little eroticism. I’m sure you well know who reigns in that department. But I strongly think the best way to go with this is the music.

Within your circle, or sacred space draw out your sigil of power. For me it is the pentagram of course. Open up your chakras and perform the white light purging (clearing your energy points). This could also be done with the sage and clearing of your room.

Sit comfortably, hum, whatever you need to do. But relax~

Pour that wine into the glass ( for the romantic lovers this is a perfect point for visualizing yourself with company at the dinner table) REMEMBER no faces in this I can give you the recipe for bewitching another soul but this is for numerous not just one(but it can be used for such).

Bite into the fruit of choice, relish in its sweetness (for the erotic seeker visualize it as being the sweetness of your partners taste) again I don’t recommend a person per say, it could just be the male/female anatomy.
Chew some of the fruit and then spew the juices into the glass of wine. Swirl it about with your index finger, insert the finger in your mouth…

Mhmm enjoy it as you begin igniting your red candles and your incense sticks, relish in its scent.

(The candles can be on the outskirts of your circle or within. I did it within and formed a triangle around my items to intensify the enchantment process. But having them on the outskirts envelops your energy in the mix as well.

Sway yourself, delve into the music, hopefully you chose as song that embodies exactly what you want. I have a vanity so in this process as I stare my vision begins to sway, the wine, the magic, hell both.

I visualize my ideal fantasy partner. Push that third eye into over drive; get into their hair color, their eye color, their brow, their face.

Where are you? Walking along a sandy moon lite beach, perhaps laughing at a punch line in a romantic comedy…or maybe their face is in rawr, filled with ecstasy by your touch.

The realm is yours it’s all you.

Take however much time you need enjoying this visual manifestation let it sink into your core, and when you feel satisfied return yourself.

Now we began with enchantment.

First we began with descriptions, narrowing your ideal fantasy to your grasp. On the sheet of paper list all the qualities you saw in you visual, every last detail of you desire, you want blondes then write blondes, you want a heighten statues figure include as well. Descriptive to the tea if you have to. list their traits, are they funny, charming, alluring. A good thing would be to include describing their independence. You could run into a really hot bum with a lot of baggage (avoid STDs, psycos, mooches) Just saying. You would list avoiding these qualities by stating you want someone Healthy, Sane, or financially independent.

Once you are complete with your description turn over the sheet. Next you will write a mantra.

Mantras are for allowing your subconscious which has the attention span of a 6 year old to understand and process the desire.

I can list examples:

“I want to meet/flirt with the desire of my choice”

“I want erotic encounter with desire of my choice”

“I want Unification of soul mate the desire of my choice”

I’m sure we understand from E.A. the less detail in the mantra the better that subconscious has a deaf ear to- don’ts, no’s, and confusing profound language.

Recite this mantra, however many times, allowing it to crystalize within your psych by now you should be feeling good and woozy from the whine…don’t lose yourself to drunkenness that’s not godlike~ lol.

You only need write the mantra once. Below it on the same side use the words of your mantra to draw out a sigil I read some people take out the repetitive letters but I use the whole thing, get creative.

For this part it is strongly recommended to use the dragon’s blood if you have not proceeded already. To use the ink you will need one of those fancy dip pens, they are cool~.

Now here comes the shower less part. You have pheromones we all do smell is primitive by nature it entices the subconscious beyond the ego. Using a thin sheet of tissue wipe the space between your anus and your private area. This area is where your base and sacral chakra makes its magic housing powerful chemical to drive others wild (Trust me, Wiiiild).

Wrap the stone and your talisman within the tissue and place it upon the sigil within your circle.

Time to imbue. Bring up in you psych the deep visual you experience with you ideal fantasy partner swirling the energy to a pulse within your third eye lower your predominate hand and hover it over the talisman and stone which rest upon the sigil, govern the hand with the other receptive one.

Now shoot!! Visualize the imagery collapsing in on itself to form a small pulsating white bubble and then comfortable, yet swiftly. Allow the energy to come down from your third eye travel through your hand of power and onto the items. (If you feel more accomplish with the items in your hand while performing then by all means).

Just get that puppy enchanted! ~

And you’re done, remember to clear your space, send back your spirits so on and so forth.

Carry the items with you whenever you go somewhere social, even to the corner store.

Don’t linger upon the items, let them flow don’t run out to the store as soon as your done just to see if you will get the glances, magic seems to like to surprise so it come at just the right moment when your ego is busy worrying about…your ego. There he or she/he will be~

Here’s also a little included suggestion:

Wear the items in your shirt pocket or on you personally, if you find your odor too strong then for the ritual use your finger to wipe yourself and anoint the talisman instead of the tissue, don’t forget to lightly wear cologne/perfume.

With this new profound and passion driving aura you have enveloped yourself in, it might be a good idea to play the part. Get a haircut, change your hair color, or buy yourself a complimenting new shirt. No one wants to date someone who looks as if they crawled from the abyss… unless you are in turn trying to meet one from the abyss. When you receive those heart flutter glances and stares from that hot sum thin sum, play it cool, be ready to return a smile- a lite grin, they are all over you~ watch!!