My roomates don't want paranormal activity

So, I’ve been screwing around with eric koettings works of darkness and before I got started I remember a video eric made once. He talks about paranormal activity and how it would affect people that came into his room because they could feel the energy there (the room was his temple.) I was wondering if I live with two other people that would NOT be okay with paranormal activity or rituals, would it be a good idea to do ritual there in st ealth? Any ideas on where to do it. I sometimes wonder if doing a banishing after every ritual would be enough to keep paranormal activity and weird vibes at 0%. I was wondering if anyone call tell me the extent of paranormal activity in a home after doing ritual there. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. I also have one last question. Say a ritual is done in a shed, would it be possible to get paranormal activity inside a house that is roughly just 20 feet away?


Dude, just use black magick and mind control to manipulate them into not caring.


Turn em to the dark side Hahaha!


I would do the rituals anyway just to see their reactions. :rofl::smiling_imp:


EA’s story was that his room was a suffocating Darkness due to his rites. There wasn’t paranormal activity per se, like strange noises or anything, just the Darkness that anyone entering his room would notice as a lack of light.

It can be completely circumvented by using a banishing when you’re done. Works of Darkness has the exorcism from Kingdoms of Flame that will clear the room of all energies. It is quick, simple, and can easily be disguised as a meditation mantra if anyone asks.

I too live with others and use the exorcism to great effect.


IMO that shows an absolute lack of respect, but hey, whatever floats your boat. You are the one who has to get kicked out if things don’t go as planned and they get pissed, lol.

This, I feel, is better advice. It might not do the job completely, but it will go miles. Many orders and systems suggest banishing after every rite to avoid this very problem.

Or you could just find a place outside of your home to do it.

Put up wards and protections to help avoid this problem. On your house to keep things out, and on the shed to keep them in.


When you call them and do rituals you will have their presence and energies there. You can do banishing or just ask them to leave your roomates alone. You can put up a strong circle to keep the energies from leaking out into other areas. But if this is part of your life they will be around you regardless.

My home is very busy and people who are sensitive always feel the energy and the demonic presence. One assistant I had used to walk around the house crossing herself constantly and would not enter my room unless she absolutely had to. The other day my daughter got up in the middle of the night soon after i had finished a ritual and ran into a full manifestation of a very large heavily armoured demon with white eyes in our unlit hallway. She is is used to demons, but was still very surprised. So be prepared. I would use it as a way to introduce your roomates to awakening and enlightenment. This could be a good thing.


@Woodsman81 Don’t get me wrong, I just personally find paranormal activity fun.

In fact it’s one of my favorite activities. but if he’s at risk of losing his housing because of it then yeah turn it down a notch.

@XIII Do your roommates know you practice?

I do rituals in my bedroom or the garage. I do a magic circle and always ask/tell the entities that have been drawn to me to leave in peace when I’m finished. And pray to angels to bless and protect my house, which they’re always happy to do.

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Rock solid advice here, IMO.

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My sister knows i practice but she ran into a left hand path occultist sometime back that terrorized her. One of my roomates are my sister by the way. I don’t want to scare her and I respect her right to feel safe in her home because she is a christian, I just need a 100% guarentee that the demon will piss off. I suppose I will just have to conjure up a better living situation or something.

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