My Ring - a work in progress

I started making my Ring yesterday. Now I have come to the conclusion that I do not (yet) have the required skills to engrave it to my liking. I have made several attempts but polished them all away because they were not how I envisioned it.
Now, I was planning on consecrating it tonight though, and improving the Ring everytime my skills grow. Kind of like the idea of the Mason’s stone (if I understand the concept correctly).
What do you think? Is it a good idea to go about it like that or would you - if it were you - rather perfect the Ring before even wearing it?
Thank you in advance for any answers


Personally, I’d like to wait until it was finished before I started doing anything else with it.


Since the ring is wearable already I would have no issue developing it in stages.


Thank you @tov762 and @Maulbeere. I went ahead and consecrated it last night.
I performed the lesser banishing Pentagram and Hexagram, the Watchtowerritual, and a Middle Pillar of my own design. I sent energy into the ring through both my hands and stated it’s purpose. Than I presented the ring in the 4 corners and asked for it to be blessed.


Okay, the next step. I learned how to etch in silver. This is my first attempt. It is not the symbol I’m going to etch into my ring but a testrun.

This symbol is formed by 5 interlocking hearts which thereby form a five pointed star in the center.

The other is also formed of 5 interlocking hearts, just slightly different.

Could be used as a Venus/Love symbol. Feel free to use these if you like them.


Very nice @Yazata

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