My review on TWF's reading for me

So I purchased a 15 card Thoth Spread from TWF’s store concerning a pathworking relationship I want to build with Belial.
I have to say the reading was amazing.
Without going into too much detail he told me some things to expect that both excited and terrified me.
Apparently this is when I start taking power for myself and stop asking questions about power.This is also going to be done in a hellish process of transformation.
The part that worried me is that he said my world views and actions towards people are going to do a 180.
The only way to find out if it’s for good or worse is to go through with it.
I need change in my life right now as I have been having problems with mine and my daughters relationship and many other aspects of my life need to be destroyed and rebuilt.
I’m going to admit.I’m terrified.But I’m ready to become the God that is deep within me.

Wish me luck!

And thanks TWF for the great reading!
Anyone who hasn’t purchased a reading from him go do it NOW!
He will reveal things to you that you never even considered,and in my opinion his readings are worth 10 times what he charges.
TWF you are a master of your craft brother!

Glad you liked the reading Musta, just for you I’ll charge you 10 times what I charge everyone else next time lol. Seriously good luck on your experiences with Belial.

Lol.Well after my reading with Orismen I’m going to ground myself and stay focused on one goal before meeting with Belial.And that goal is to work with Sastan on opening my senses.

I was mucking about talking to a friend about, specifically, how I see the LHP and I said I think human life has five stages:

Sees power;
fears power;
wants power;
has power;

I wouldn’t normally share something daft like that, but your post brought it to mind. :slight_smile:

Yeah I think I’m at the “has power” stage.
My workings have been becoming more fruitful lately.
I think I jumped into evocation too quick with no confidence.
But a way I’ve been building confidence is by doing simpler rituals like candle majick.

I’ve had 2 successes in the past week.
My will is manifesting faster and faster because I now realize I dDO have power.
Once I’m totally confident and can better communicate with spirits I’m anticipating meeting the Demonic King Belial.

I hope some beginners take this as advice to take baby steps instead of just rushing into evocation.

If I had realized this a year ago I would probably be summoning spirits to visible apearance right now.
I’m not saying don’t work with spirits though.
Just work with them via sigil majick,and I highly recommend writing down questions and getting answers from them that you can verify.
This will greatly boost your confidence in spirit communication.

When I did this with Belial I think every answer he gave me had the word “blood” in
I was told to shed my blood with no resolve onto EVERYTHING in ritual with