My return to black magick

I have been meditating for years and being an occultist, but I was in a recession for a couple of years, confused by paradigms and not joining the light with the darkness.

In fact I spent a lot of time alone in the dark and another time alone in the light … Now I realize again, thanks to my father Lucifer that the Darkness and the Light must be fully integrated.

After having been in the RHP for a while, including in Christianity (if you imagine the return I took, to return to the LHP again)

The help I ask in this forum is How to start over?

What dedication ritual do you recommend again for Lucifer and the gods?

How do I start my meditation practices and opening and seizing chakras?

Is there a step by step guide?

Maybe start with Belial and follow the pathworking of Koeting?

Thank you very much for this community.

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Sounds like you already have your answer.

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It is one of the options that I am contemplating