My result with Asmodeus

So here’s the thing, after couple of spells to get my relationship back, I kinda gave up on it ever working, tried it all from candle magick to demons passing by Jinn.

So I switched my focus to more ’ fun ’ lifestyle, and petitioned King Asmodeus for some lustful situations, and at first it started manifesting as a crush having more interest in me, then another girl hitting on me, then the next person to whom I smile opens up…Then I had @MorpheusDarkson do his black flame ritual on me, and on the full moon I petitioned Asmodeus again before going to a wedding party followed by a conference.

Oh boy, I got more than my body could handle, and just as a bit of context I am your average person not necessarily tall, nor bulky…Anyways, fast forwards to the wedding, the partner with whom I went was supposed to be a ’ good friend ’ whom I friendzoned and vice-versa, well stuff happened, right after we were done and older lady comes to hit on me, followed by a bartender and another girl from the guests. But I was abstaining myself as I had too much alcohol and didn’t fully trust the company.

The conference happens, and oh boy did I turn into a man-slut. I’ll spare you the details, bottom line is I got way more than my body could handle, thank you Asmodeus for the fun, looking forward for more :smiley:

The king works, in slow discrete ways, until one day it’ll hit you and you might not even have enough energy for it. But don’t be fooled, it is all superficial, if it is a deeper connection you are looking for, then look for something else…


Haha I did a ritual of lust with Asmodeus just now. He’s crazy! Ave Aeshma Daev


Buckle up, pack up on redbull you’re in for a ride, and dude I’ve been extra horny lately more than the usual, and the what the fuck moment for me was two days ago, when I looked at one of my exs and was like ’ ugh, I’d do her right now ', next thing I know we’re in the bushes making out and she’s engaged…


Ooh damn bruh that’s crazy. Asmodeus really is the god of lust.


Your story really makes me laugh

Hail King Asmodeus

it makes even ME laugh, it has calmed down a notch ever since the post, but I might ask for it to start again!

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I too got to a party which has more ladies than guys. And girls were really interested in me. Surprisingly I passed out

This gives me so much faith and confidence! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your work with Asmodeus!!

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Ahahhahaha manage your alcohol by taking a glass of water for every 2 drinks / shots

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