My response for enlightenment practices

So someone pm’d me and asked my advice for enlightenment and interaction I figured I’d share because I wrote alot on the subject I’d love any advice on how to better do something I wrote about or any more ideas of this type. I didn’t source any of the practices I wrote about but only one of them in in depth and needs a source but I’ve never been able to find the information about the 4 day awakening meditation again that uses the same words. Hopefully this is helpful for others and I’m looking forward to someone sharing ideas like these I might be able to focus better on a new concept.

So there is a meditation where you sit on the floor and straighten your back close your eyes and just focus on your breathing in through your nose out threw your mouth then once you feel your good you breath in as much as you can threw nose and hold your breath until to starts to feel uncomfortable then with your mouth open stick your tounge out right next to your upper teeth then with your whole breath say the word TOHHHH keep trying it until you get the vibration correct it’ll make your forehead ring. Once you figure out how to say the word focus on the sensation it gives you as our say it a few times once you meditate I’d hope for 20 minutes or more do the meditation with the word TOHHHH for three days. It might be near lower teeth it’s been a while since I did this if you can’t find the vibration from home your tounge is pertruding I’ve read you can also lightly bite your tounge it works but not as good. Once 3 days are completed on the forth day meditate but say the word May instead I read this is actually a spell not just a meditation and is only needed to be done once.

I started seeing spirits while doing this just believe in yourself and your ability to grow. I also seen my aura around me while doing this meditation on the forth nite I went into a pitch black room and meditated with my eyes open I also basically was speaking like in prayer while meditating knowing that I am Hurd I seen three spirits looking at me which I believe we’re identified from a magic the gathering card that said they were Life, Death and Eternity. I Hurd nothing then because I’m me and even prayed about being lonely a Succubus came to me again just like the night before I seen her shape and she was wearing a mask it’s the most physical interaction I ever had with her.

Also tell yourself how your changing say with passion what’s changing about you, example firmly say my mind is opening and I’m now able to recieve visions from the spirit world my visions will to be true and bring wisdom to me this is what I must accomplish so this is what I will accomplish. Do as much as possible regarding this. Shift your brain to a spiritual thinking process.

Meditate on opening your chakras the web site I linked has a good list of different meditations for each chakra it tells you different words to chant then I did use the word it says to use after you’ve done the 4 days. Try speaking poetically to yourself about progress you’ve made and intend your words to be a spell on your self to realize and keep these gains. Realize everything in all creation is connected, affirm to yourself you are shifting your perception to feel this oneness with all creation and say your greatful for this connection.

Say thank you for hearing my request and all actions you may do basically after Everytime you ask for all spirits that are capable of hearing and answering you. Affirm to yourself the value of the word “May” when you ask may somthing happen you are asking everything that percieved you to fullfil this request. May is one of my favorite words, May this knowledge I share to you be used wisely and lead to vast personal growth.

After you meditate try staring into a mirror try to let your vision focus on the whole of the reflection not a single point stare with the intent of the image changing it used to help me to do it if I stared threw the very top of my vision at the mirror I’d tilt my head down. May this come easily for you. When opening a sigil have you seen it have the light showing it opened? Once you start focusing your stare you can adjust your focus in a way that doesn’t change how you see no double vision or anything like that try to hold the focus when you get it, it typically hurts but is a sighn of using a different part of your being for sight. You can do scans by starring at the images of other people.

Try to visualize a brief image of somthing that has great emotional attachment for you, practicing seeing the image as vivid as you can should help your ability to recieve visions. Also ask for the vision out loud ask for them to reveal hidden knowledge or anything basically that you desire. Imagaine yourself in astral form focus on your control of yourself tell yourself when you breath you will breath in and out energy when you breath in focus on the energy making a light within you either in your solor Plex or through out your whole body when you breath out tell yourself your breathing this energy into your aura and see it form all around you

Once you get a feel for moving energy close your eyes and picture a square in the ground in front of you then breath your energy into that square seeing it fill with a foggy color then with eyes still closed walk into that square feel how it’s like a spiritualy formed wall and almost knocks the breath out of you once you breath out hold breath until after you walk into it.

Make it known when you talk to all that can hear you that you realize they are grand and to be respected thank them for watching over you and ask that they realize you respect them. When asking may and for blessing from the spirit realm try to picture yourself in your mind exactly as you physically are and if you can fill yourseld and the area around you with pink energy that represents hope.

Ask the spirits to speak through you in all the ways that seem good to you like thoughts changing to tell you an answer to a question or just to have good interaction. Believe in your ability to be Hurd picture your head and make a white light energy representing your thoughts volume connect to it and raise it up either see it get brighter or see it change from the bottom to the thought as you imagine yourself adjusting it.

Ask please that all spirits able to help you to do when you programm yourself. Avoid sayinf I will" as I read our consciousness doesn’t understand how we intent it and won’t make it become reality instead say I am or I always or I’m beginning. You can ask that your spirits speak through you physically and that there voice may be Hurd instead of yours when you say the same thing they want to say or when ever your able to speak what they want to speak.

A good way to practice having spirits speak through you is to ask them to then to sing you can attemp to sing monotone in hopes they will channel through you. But mainly just find music that you feel good about then know you will be there vessel for a moment as you freestyle don’t think about what your gonna say just let yourself sing new words.

Also if you make a list of emotions one emotion per day that you will actively seek to make a better connection or understanding of it’ll help when thinking about that emotion consider what your trying to connect to as the essance of that emotion. I’d start with happy emotions until you get a grasp on it when I did a word like hate people were telling me to get away from them because my aura was repulsive and everyone was mean mugging mebi eventually wrote a poem for hate and appeased it and everyone went back to normal i even seen the person that told me to get away from them and told them about my word of the day.

May you feel the emotions essance that you choice and have wise words leading to wise actions for strengthening your bond. Also try fasting but set up rules for yourself like I can drink water all day or like I did the first time I fasted I will consume spirits but not food and it allowed me to still drink beer or booze while fasting ask May your fasting of however long according to these rules be appreciated and that in return may I recieve spiritual enlightenment or what ever it is you ask for.

Remember that all thoughts have power so program yourself to seek wisdom and to reflect the wisdom offered to you in thought and action. Any time you try directly communicating with a spirit ask for them to share there emotions with you. A little trick I figured out it hold one arm out to your side with your forarm up then pinch it on the outside of your hand holding it’s astral being there then move your arm from up to down once it’s down open up the pinch you made with your other hand and feel/see your spirit then follow the movement down to your physical arm.

So I’ma send this to you May you understand how to wisely use this knowledge and gain wisdom and enlightenment. May you always know true wisdom when you hear it. May you retain all blessing given to you and your sight be opened to all realms. MAY hearing thoughts and spirits come easy to you. May you only meet friends in the spirit realm, May your path never cross a spirit that wants I’ll will for you. May you earn the spirit worlds respect while beginning to understand how much they have allready earned.

So yea get back to me with any thoughts or questions I’ll do my best to answer them. I’d love updates on how the 4 day awakening spell worked for you I’d recommend doing it after you feel more connected to creation and egzistance. Oneness with everything. May this knowledge serve you well and may you retain all growth. So yea send some good vibes my way back I put some effort into trying to get you help with your growth.

Please give me :heart:’s if you liked the message and might try to implement something from it. Any and all questions are welcome.


Feel free to leave your opinions I would like a fresh perspective. Also I know you have methods I didn’t mention share that knowledge.

This is one of the best reads I have done in a while. Its really impressive and I must admit that I am going to try and practice your work.

On a side note, please advice if I can PM you regarding some pointers I need to help open my 3rd eye so that I can sense and feel spirits.

Thank you once again for all your posts and work,

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I’m excited to have someone interested in my work I just found out a big key about the 3rd eye it’s blocked by illusion when I was first starting I’d always say I will not picture it I will see it so think about what your trying to creat and believe that anything you see that’s a result of your action or thoughts is created through energy. And of course you can pm me about any question the more I talk about these type of thing the more I re inact the actions.

I really like the fact you enjoyed it I out my heart into just saying everything o the closest as I remember it, I woke up basically and basically had everything lighned up right for beliefes the more I learn about this stuff the more I see how some of the small things to me ment alot in the process of waking up, my main key right now formyself is getting over grief so I can use my heart through my crown and project. I’m not sure if I put the chant for the third eye on here but I think I did it did alot for me just make sure you hold your breath for a long time before doing the exhale it’s important.

You gotta accept both concepts light and darness to access your magic easily I just found out to that if you just embrace the dragon and let it into your conscious awareness it’ll make things way simpler for advancement, I just made another page that’s super help ful if you did it right after doing these types of practices you’d be golden for the effects there all types of self programming I did good energy work then wrote the programming thread and I litterally felt better then I’ve felt in years since when I had first woke up and started doing magic. A cool part too is your able to just speak or think of an emotion and you automatically just feel that way. Another thing that poably helped me is my voice fluctuates getting louder like frequency changes when I speak I programmed it to reflect and amplify thruth and the throat chakras is blocked by lies so doing this unblocked it and allowed me to feel and project emotions to and from others greater.