My research on God Saturn

There are soo many contradictions if anyone has anything to help please
In texts yhwh is not saturn yet it contraddicts
seventday was never a day of saturn but our historians had to find a match it was only a day of rest they didnt have 7 day week tha babyloians.

in rome Sol invictus is worshiped on saturday which is some sun god but our sun god is on sunday

in hinduism and more modern astrology saturn has become evil in every way and powerful.

saturn is being equated as a sun god but in hinduism is in war with his FATHER the Sun god Suriya. so in hinduism he si son of the sun

please all help me solve this.

The lores of religions and occult systems were not made to fit with each other, just pick the lore that works better for you, and you may know by your own experience how true is that lore

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We will never fully understand that, try to derive some practical use from it.

At this point Saturn might as well be a title for many beings but also the roman name for the Titan God Kronus.