My relationship with asmodeus 😳 (utterly confused)

Hello there,
I like to share my experience with working with asmodeus i started summoning him for the first time last month to deal with a situation with me and my previous partner since me and my partner (who is a ex now) were having intimacy issues and i wasn’t feeling attraction him in the physcial side and that was causing a stir in our relationship.

So i decided to call on asmodeus to help.
i used his sigil and a candle to call on him at first he didn’t respond to me despite me calling him couple times i remembered feeling really nervous calling him
after failing into reaching to him i gave up

after a week later he possessed my partner told me he has been watching me and didn’t directly answer straight away to me because he was busy and he could i was nervous at the time summoning him so he waited a bit to reach out to me anyhow he knew that i was having problems feeling attraction for my partner so asmodeus offered us two a deal that he will be helping out with the attraction between us.

He wanted to use my partner as a host for him to do things to me because he had an attraction towards me too and to bring his experience to my boyfriend to help with the attraction between us and my partner was okay with that and we both agreed to the deal.

Couple days later i was getting ready to go and have a shower after a long day from work and i felt strong sexual energy and presence in the room watching me and voice telling me to get undress and an object falling onto the floor right after hearing the voice.
I knew it was asmodeus … after that we shared really powerful intimate lovemaking in the shower. When all that was over he told me i belonged with him and i could feel his presence embracing me holding me in a tight hug.

i didn’t have much time to contact with asmodeus because i was busy with work and college but i could feel asmodeus watching me at college and at work and when i went to bed i find it hard to fall asleep i could feel him holding me and stroking my hair late at night comforting me to fall asleep.

A month later past me and my boyfriend broke up i find out some shocking dark things about his past turned out he had stalked and harassed girls in the past and lied about a lot of things in our relationship and used girls in the past for mostly sex so i blocked him and we never spoke again and decided to summoned asmodeus to take care of him , i offered him a glass of wine and honey
when he came he saw the wine of glass jokingly asked if this was a date and accepted the offering and told me he deal with my request but he didn’t leave right after he sticked around more and was being very cheeky and i could feel him kissing me and i felt quite shy he teased me about that.

I don’t know what me and asmodeus relationship is but i feel very shy around him at times.

I wanted to add when i hear his voice he has a american voice and sounds like a young charming man in his 20s i don’t know if anyone else also hears his voice like this but he has smoothing voice that puts me in a trance and i could listen to his voice all day without getting bored.
I absolutely love his voice!
but yeah this is my experience with him so far and i have no idea why he is so drawn to me…
I would love hear the rest of you guys people experiences with him or if any of you have or had a relationship with him.


That is interesting, I personally have not wirked with him, but I plan on it in the future

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Asmodeus comes off rather flirty to me, and I can understand the strong sexual energy as there are times it just radiates strongly. However, I personally have never been intimate with him in that regard.


he is amazing to work with i hope you enjoy working with him :slight_smile:

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I evoked him yesterday and went into meditation and he came off the same with me: Flirty, sexual. Like I could feel that energy coming from him. You can probably guess what happened next. I just hope he likes the wine I gave as offering because damn, where I live it’s hard to find a very good one.

Anyway, seems like he’s trying to build your confidence up through this. That’s what he’s trying to do for me right now. Only reason that came to mind was because you mentioned being shy around him


i am sure he liked the wine you offered him ! ^^ i agree he is very flirtatious

Yes i am shy around him and i have problems opening up myself intimately since i am quite self conscious of my body, you might be right about him building up my confidence.


I can relate so much to that.

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Pown chika wow wow


I got McDonald’s :joy: nothing happened I sweeear I’m a good girl


That’s awesome. I get it, I’ve had a few other daemonic types approach me that way, just tend not to respond to it much, for personal reasons.

Asmodeus doesn’t like me at all. Possibly because I can’t let him be love me - it’s not personal though.
I go professional in my attitude to work with him in his capacity as a gatekeeper. We’re colleagues getting a job jobbed, regardless of personal feelings.

I’m also not all cute and shy, if I’ve made up my mind to get over myself and be with someone I’ll put the whore of Babylon to shame lol, and I wonder if that’s what he’s liking about you. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I understand most demon i have worked with i only maintain professional relationship he is the only one who has approached me in this way.
I am not sure why he really likes me i can be kind
but also i can be savage to the people who deserve it lol


u don’t have to give him wine. Give him Whine. lol j/k might be trouble if u whine to him instead of wine. haha. or he might like it as he sees it as flirtatious. =oP then u can save the wine for self and give him the other whine… win/win.


Atm everyone’s hearing me whine, Asmodeus or not hahaha whoever around me is


Lmaoo i am dead at the comments :rofl::skull:

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Canny help it am naturally hilariously :joy:

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Yes that sounds very much like the Asmodeus I know. He will be flirty as hell…(pun perhaps intended?) If you are a female. He IS very charming and eloquent. You could say he is the epitome of charming and eloquent. He will take you far. Continue the good work

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Will “his” female aspect do the same to a male

I thought i was his only wife. What a wake up call this has been…apparently I am only one of his “harem”. I can’t help but feel incredibly jealous that he works with so many other women.

He said that he’s a cherub, a nymph…and so this is not unusual for cherubs to have multiple other lovers at the same time. My feelings are that in spiritual partnerships, we should not have to share Asmodeous.

The good news is he helps to heal stuck sexual energy and I have so many clients that are in need of sublimation, so perhaps his family (his order is cherub angelics, THEY ARE NOT DEMONS!) …obviously this was a cord or merge necessary to bring love to those who need it the most for healing.

I know his family has PLENTY of love. They have been called “dogs” and said they are cursed by God, but I see it in an entirely different manner.

I believe that this family is related to the house of David or King Solomon, whom I have a tie to and also have multiple stations of identity in the house he represents.

What my healing by Asmodeus did for me:

Killed my anxiety disorder, killed my OCD, and erased my depression. Quieted and stilled my mental faculties and in merging with him I was able to think more clearly than I ever did before.

Is anyone educated or up to date on what is happening with the lost souls of tara or tribes in the lower astral plane that are stuck in matter? I had to do a recon mission to bring a group out of Sheol. Anyone else involved in recon for lost souls?

My experience with Asmodeus was that I could not tell the difference between his kiss and Jesus. So I assumed it was Jesus that did my healing, only later to learn it was Asmodeous.

I know that this family of his is tied to the Merkabah or Arc of the Covenant. This would disqualify them as being categorized as demons or enemies of God. In fact, I believe they work for God, and handle funery rites of those who are in transition from this world.