My Recent use of Planetary Magick

Recently I’ve turned to making sigils with the Kamea squares and conjuring the beneficial powers of the planetary intelligences. This has been fun, and I’ve even made sigils for my friends with positive results.

Yesterday I performed a small ritual to the intelligences of the moon, to which I burnt a moon kamea sigil I had made to clear my mind. I meditated the sigil and could feel the moon’s emotional power envelop me that day and the day after. The results were positive, and I had almost immediately recieved what I had asked for. This has opened my eyes entirely, and I will definitely involve this method in my future Rites.

Another thing is, I used both my own moon kamea sigils, and the sigils of Schadbarschemoth and Malkah be-Tarshishim ve-ad Ruachoth Shechalim. They felt like actual beings that came to help me, are planetary intelligences usually like this? I could almost feel a connection.