My reasons for being here over the past couple years, and goetia issues

As I poured my heart and soul out over King Pursons offering the other night, I came to a few understandings.
I wanted not only knowledge, but full understanding of answers I sought for personal reasons, and good stable financial change; power over my own life and dreams.
I now know I did not get what I wanted because I fucked up, and will never get the answers I want, despite my being a person who hates mystery and suspense…just come out with it and fucking tell me! But they won’t, so I will never get the answers.
How else does one learn, without trial and error and questioning authority. Even so far as hearing both sides of a matter? Born under Libra, that is a fair need.
I love my family and true friends, even if they’re fucked up? I want to be with them at the end of this life and ever onwards, all united and together. I’m fairly fucked up myself. All I wanted was what I worked severely for, only getting a taste as usual … The dangling carrot.
So I sought answers, power, wealth, and change, and still see neither/none.
At this point I’ve forgotten the time limit of offerings for King Purson per a verbal pact.

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Have you considered working with all 9 kings of hell while also focusing on one king for your needs?

You are looking for a revelation and also invincibility and invincibility in your goal of wealth and prestige.

You should try Zagan, Bael and Asmoday.

In addition Lord Belial will show you the path too.I feel that you should see this video a couple of times even though I’m sure you have checked it out already

Koettings classification of how the 9 kings come in three sets of objectives is amazing x



For what it’s worth, I suck at performing magick for financial gain. Or “manifesting abundance”, as they say these days. I believe it’s a mental block; programming that is difficult to overcome based around the idea that greed is bad, and the desire for money is equivalent to greed. Which is horseshit, of course.

Funny thing, though. My daughter has started to come into cash seemingly out of nowhere lately. So it seems my efforts are paying off but, due to the programming glitch, it’s hitting off-target.

Regarding everything else…seek Balance. You’ve worked with light and dark forces. Continue to do so and, more importantly, recognize and embrace them within yourself.


Yeah, I still feel like I’m talking to myself even when I can sense their presence. I don’t understand how to communicate with them.
Coming from christianity/RHP, calling one let alone all nine scares me. But then again, I have called a lot of “infernal” spirits/gods.

Yeah, a lot of self defeating programming learned over time, even if I now see it as utter bs.

you just need to reprogamm your mind.

You can use affirmations and hypnosis. You will also need some emotional freedom technique.


Just talk to them as if they were business partners, friends, lovers etc. Answers are usually provided, but in their own way and time. Some spirits confuse me, but I know they are working in my life.


I’m the same on manifesting cash on short notice, but other material objects I need come easy, and if I want something I can usually set the intent and it will cross my path at a price I can easily afford without problems.

A while ago I wanted a very specific type of silver bracelet to wear for summer, they retail around £45+ - I found one for the £18 I had available in that part of my budget that week. Had I focused exclusively on trying to manifest the £27, I would probably never have got it.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, you just need to find yours. :wink:

Remember how you did multiple Day 1’s of “meditation” because you failed over and over, but are on Day 5 now (maybe Day 6) of simply observing mental chatter?

You failed, and failed, and failed - until you found the thing that works.

This is how life is, I have failed at things, I expect to fail at more things, because that’s what happens to people who try to improve themselves and their lives.

Your Tarot readings were great, as well - remember doing those? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t feel at all confident in my Tarot skills, so again, proof that we all have strengths and weaknesses.


Maybe call Dantalion or King Paimon to remove mental blocks and upgrade your belief system as you work on yourself.


exactly all have strangths and weaknesses.
Depend on your strengths and work on minimizing weaknesses/ turn them into your strengths by learning ;-).

But Always depend on your strengths :slight_smile:


Thank you, forgot about the tarot readings and meditations (was so worked up last night that I forgot to do it! So back to day 1).
I think the trick is not waiting until 11:55 to do it.
Certain things do come easy, like finding cannabis for example. I just have a sense to know who to ask for it :slight_smile:
I will do the EFT, I know you’ve mentioned that to me a lot of times … I am looking into books you’ve recommended as well.


That one I sent you is the best start you can get, I promise you, it can really help because it’s methodical and rational.

You don’t need to restart the observation thing, who does it serve to keep feeling like you not only dipped out yesterday, but have somehow wiped out all the work beforehand?

Not you, I suspect. :wink:

Remember it takes exactly as much, if not MORE, effort and energy to be tense, self-critical, and depressed, as confident, self-respecting, and optimistic.

You can’t choose your circumstances (at least not right now) but you CAN choose your attitude in any given situation. :+1:


Bingo. It’s amazing how things seem to tie in and come together after a period of time.



@Fuego you need to become Issac again. It’ll do wonders for your magick.

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