My question: can you summon a succubus twice?

Hello! I have already summoned a succubus with whom I was together for nine months.

Well, since then I have tried to summon one again twice. However, each time I got a different creature to hand than a succubus.

I had my fun with them too, however I am lusting after a real succubus. again.

I am almost crazy about one. One that satisfies my physical cravings as well as mental. From whom I can learn and who I can tell everything.

My question, can anyone speak from experience or have any advice for me?

Greetings, the niche magician.

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You summoned it once. You can summon it again. Just do what you did to summon it the first time.

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When you have mating with a succubus once, that succubus is yours for life. Basically on the level of spiritual spouse for life. Spiritual children are made from such relations as well.



Thanks for your answer!

That with what you have written I knew so far everything, however, i have another big Problem

I haven’t had any contact with her since the nine months, and haven’t really been able to call her. Do you have any idea what this could be? Or tips on how I can meet her again?

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@Nichemagician If you have her name, you have her essence. All it takes is channeling her before going to sleep. I have at least 5 names of succubi on my end. Several times a week, it’s like a succubus gangbang on my end.


I’m sorry

Whats does channeling mean ?

and I have my girls names how would i channel one or more before bed what do I do ?


Get into your meditative position and clear your mind while Inducing trance. Focus only on the name of your succubus even saying it out loud if you can. But even saying the name by mind usually works. Having a couple of candles or some incense could help but aren’t necessary. Point being like @DarkPaladin mentioned you only have to channel her through your own meditative state. Though my ladies have never left for more than 9 months but rather a few days or weeks then lmmediately come right back. One of them at least. Make use of her name when you channel her. If you remember any visions of her use that aswell.


Okay awesome Thank you I be doing this every night from now on