My Qliphotic working

In my ritual magic I still l still use tools, Banishing/invoking etc from GD and over the years shifted to more Enochian influenced magic, I’m on my way in creating ritual tools that are very different from ordinary elemental weapons and I want to replace the angels with Qliphotic entities in calling the cardinal directions. For now I’m using Amaymon, Göap, Corzon and Zimimay. I haven’t gotten the results I want and instead was thinking of using Belial, Lucifer, Satan and Leviathan but I get a LaVey-satanism feeling destroying my results. So I need to change Lucifer and Satan, was thinking swapping Satan with Samael but apart from the 4 cardinal directions I also call 3 more directions down (Lilith) up (Lucifer) and I am the 7th point and Samael… so I can’t call Samael for fire and south when he is the 7th direction and can’t use Lucifer for East and air because I call him at the 6th direction.

Anyone got any idea who shall take the place for East and air, and South for fire? No low-ranking demons or “arch deamon”. Kings associated with air/east fire/south.

I was thinking of Seth but was unsure if he would be for air or fire.

And please don’t answer with things going OT. Nor answers like “use your intuition”.

Maybe Asmodeus in the south? I mean he is often associated with the element of fire.


And for east/air?

Is Seth associated with fire or air?

And for east/air? BAAL

For the element of fire, you can give Moloch or Adramelech a try, But Seth should be fine for it as well.

Oh and use your intuition…:grinning:

Maybe why it doesnt work with Amaymon, Göap, Corzon and Zimimay is because Göap is associated with water, calling water from south maybe what fucks it up…?

North - Belial
East - Baal/Belzebub
South - Seth/Moloch/Adramelech
West - Leviathan
Down - Lilith
Up - Lucifer
And solar plexus/astral gate - me and Samael

My configuration looked like this:

North - Belial
East - Belzebub
South - Typhon-Seth
West - Leviathan
Down - Lilith
Up - Lucifer and Samael
And solar plexus/astral gate - me…

Good feeling, now I need seal/sigils for Belial, Beelzebub, Typhon-Seth and Leviathan, the two first I can get by myself but I dont know Leviathans seal/sigil and Typhon-Seth doesnt have any so I need a custom made one :slight_smile:

Input please, two sigils for Typhon-Seth and Leviathan Tiamat.


This with this around it for Leviathan

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Anyone on the last one, Typhon-Seth?

Here’s Mr. Crowley’s

Here’s S connolly’s

Seth, God of Confusion, is the best source for general information about Set/Typhon-Seth

I hope you can find something of use with them. :grin:


Interesting approach of the magic circle. Cool