My Qliphothic journal

Hey, guys whats up, I’ve officially initiated myself into the Qliphothic current, despite the fact that I’ve worked with Qlippothic Demons in the past, I have never initiated myself into an actual sphere.

So I’m pretty much-gonna record my experiences with the Qlippoth on this Journal so I can look back and see the results that have taken place.
I plan to path work the entire tree.

I’m gonna be pretty secretive about what specific spheres or what I’m exactly doing regarding the Qliphoth, I genuinely feel that I cannot tell others the details.

So I’m only gonna record my thoughts, feelings, and emotions while I path work the dark tree.


sits in stands with a alpha c mini flag you got dis!


Day 1: The initiation

Last night I began writing down my incantations into the two spheres I initiated myself in. As I wrote the incantations down, I could feel my room begin to fill with Qlippothic energy along with many apparitions, Orbs and energies moving around me.
At exactly 9:00 pm, I finished writing down the chants.
I already felt as if there were changes taking place within me.
It began to rain outside…and I could feel my room crowded with Demonic spirits.
I gathered some black candles to immerse myself into the rite, a Voice told me not to, that it was not necessary.
I ignored the voice and reached out to my case filled with Colored Candles.
A fucking cockroach somehow found it’s way on my arm and I dropped the candles.
(Okay that was a definite no fucking colored candles)
So I grab two pillar candles and light them, placing them at my sides.
(Both are basic white candles)
light a couple incense sticks and place them before me.
I get down on my knees and began chanting the rite.
“I hear fucking thunder and lightning all of a sudden, It started to thunder when I began the rite.”
I see the shadow of the pillar candle next to me morph and move as if it were dancing.
It gets hard to breathe and my mind begins to get foggy.
I’m having a hard time reciting the chants.
Halfway through I feel something pass through my legs and enter my aura, while I kneeled.
I finally finish the initiation, Two fucking spheres in one night.
My guides and Lucifer say that is what must be done.
I get up shaking and breathing hard.

I spend the rest of the night soaking in the Qliphothic energies, and then head to bed, tucking the incantations I wrote down under the pillow (as instructed by my intuition.)

As I lay down in bed all of my repressed sexual desires came to the surface, and rather than forcing them down I fucking embraced them.
(I left my browser history that night looking like Azazel’s “To Do list”)

I then finally fell a sleep.



I feel you. :joy:


Nods Evily
Whispers to guiding spirits, “Hes Awakened”


Had a demon in my room just after the rite say something similar.

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Day 2: Doubt and a desire for power

I found myself feeling fucking weak, it’s not that I lost any power, I just realized how fucking weak I am compared to the Demonic.
That confidence I had? fucking destroyed I sat there sad and angry at my own lack of strength, and at that moment I realized I needed more, more, more, and power.
At that moment from sheer desire and will to grow stronger, I awakened my vampiric energy facilities.
I could feed off of others power, and I felt fucking great.
I then realized that Vampirism would be one of many keys to power.
And my hunger for power grew fucking massive…

Tried of my lack of strength that night I evoked 3 of the most powerful primordial spirits of the abyss.
They saw the raw lust for power in my eyes and awakened my vampiric abilities to an even higher level.

I’m fucking furious at the realization of the level I am at.
I need more fucking power.


Nods Evily
Yes, yes, let the power flow through you


Holy shit that was synchronous with what was running through my mind this morning.


Day 3: Old memories

I woke up today, quite happy went around my day in a pretty good fucking mood.
My Health had suddenly improved and peoples attitudes improved significantly, It was great. I sat at the bed of the lake looking over the waters and a Flood of memories came rushing in back when I was a church boy.
You see I wasn’t your typical Christian, I had a legitimate connection to Jehova.
What did this mean? I’d talk to him I was a powerful medium as a kid and still am, I’d just talk to him about random stuff and he’d help me out with other stuff.
Keep in mind this was no thought form, this was the real deal, I’d ask him for stuff and he’d do it, something surprisingly difficult he could do for me.
I was the rare guy who had “God”, actually answered his prayers, and could even fucking talk to him.
And when I’d go to church it was at night, where there was no one there, my parents would be out doing other crap while I sat alone in church enjoying the silence and the candles lit.

I Then began to wonder what the Other gods were like.
I’d ask Jehova about them and he’d tell me there were more gods than him, but he would say nothing more.
It was at my teens that I began exploring the Wiccan current, and Dianic tradition.
I fell in love with the other gods, and Jehova was not happy at all.
He was a jealous God as literally described in the bible.
I then stopped, noticing how upset he was and looked into ceremonial magick where his power was utilized.
By the time I was 17 I was a ceremonial magician evoking angels and getting myself whatever I wanted.
It was great, but I was lacking something…I felt hollow.
Every time I read that quote at of the bible

“How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”
I always felt sympathy funny enough when I read that quote and almost felt connected to Lucifer in someway.
Eventually, I had a battle going on in my head whether to turn to the LHP and while this occurred in my head, Jehova just stopped talking to me.
He just didn’t care about me anymore.
I had a legitimate relationship with “God”, and he had forsaken me.
I didn’t care anymore about Heaven or Hell I just wanted to know the fucking Truth.

And at that moment my RHP journey ended and my LHP journey began.
It was at December 24 of 2017 that I evoked Lucifer (Suprise I’m new to the Lhp lol) Christmas right? This was my way of saying “Fuck you Jehova, Scum”, and Lucifer came.
I’d never felt an energy more Angelic.
I felt archangels and this Being created more Light, and before I knew it I’m here.
It’s April 18 of 2018 and I’m deep into this path already.
Through intense sessions of forcing open my senses, I reawakened my astral senses back as they were when I was a kid.

That was my Journey.
And today I had a dream.

I was walking out of that same church I went to as a Kid, and there was this Rock, an angel with black wings and a scythe waited for me.
I can’t remember the conversation, but he smiled and cut my connection the church

I then woke up now writing this Journal.


Entry 4: Progress
No, I have not forgotten to update this journal, It’s just a little hard to write about something every day when nothing much might of happened on that particular day.
I’ve never done so much ritual before, whenever I have free time it’s just, ritual, ritual, ritual.
This Hunger for Ascension and Power keeps growing the stronger I get, I mean hell I had some random astral entity try and mess with me, And I got so Angry I channeled that rage from my root chakra and fired it at the Fucker leaving him like a raisin, It angers me seeing other beings try and mess with my Ritual Space, You guys might of seen it on the Power sensing thread. I had a day where my power seemed to have disappeared and I got pretty fucking worried," Did my power disappear? Did I suppress my energy somehow? Luckily my Power had just suppressed its self throughout the day, and when dusk came it also came rushing back.

Let’s see, I called Satan down and funny enough I’ve never met such a chill Demon, He was so Calm and down to earth it genuinely confused me.
I wanted to know If I was supposed to be a Satanist or a Luciferian, and he made it pretty clear I’m more Suited the Luciferian Archetype rather than the Satanist type.

Other than that Nothing much has happened, Or at least what I’m posting here (gotta keep secrets guys lol), Let’s see what happens next.

Entry 5: No friends
I can see deception in peoples eyes.
I can see the side that you hide, I can see past the Ego you display, I can see your Carnal Desires.
The People I once called friends, were nothing but frauds, They leave you once they find someone else more interesting, they get scared when you talk to their true selves and not the person they’ve learned to copy and mimic from others.
I’ve seen how easily friendships crumble, how a simple crack can ruin a great connection.
They can sense the eyes that pierce their very being, They will avoid you at all costs.

They will look at you like a loser for being honest, they will look down upon you for being honest with your emotions.
They will fear you when you see through their lies.


I just thought of the same fucking thing.

Hello. I understand that working with qliphoth might be effective against baneful kabbalic magic etc sent toward an individual. Im finding it very diffiult to ward off myself as a novice. If so can you help ward off these people or explain me how to do it please, or give your take on this issue. Thanks