My Public Apologies To Everyone

My public apologies to everyone on this forum and especially to Eva for my previous comments on my demonic child topic. I did not mean to put her in the spotlight in that topic or to sound like an asshole, I know what I meant by my comments about her experiences but the words did not come out right and I just realized my comments sounded rude and like I was comparing the two of us. I just have a full work load right now and my mind is a bit overwhelmed and scattered so if I have been rude to anyone else on here, I probably didn’t even realize it.

I am not trying to make my experiences sound better than anyone else’s I honestly didn’t mean to come across that way if I have done so. Nothing I have mentioned on the forum here lately with my own experiences has been a piece of cake, I do not have special favors or things handed to me by my spiritual allies, I have to work for my successes just like everyone else on here and it’s been a long and arduous road but I’m sure that everyone can understand, sometimes it’s normal to wanna share your experiences because you are happy you finally achieved something or in hopes that someone else will respond with similar experiences that can validate your claims.

One of my allies, a goddess, told me to settle down because I was being an annoyance with some of my comments and coming across in a very negative way, making things seem easy that are indeed no piece of cake for any of us here. Trust me, I have my fair share of hard work and need to be reminded on occasion of where I stand currently in this world I just sometimes tend to only highlight the success parts of my work because I honestly didn’t think people wanted to hear of failures and the dirty work parts, I figured sharing that stuff too often may cause others to doubt themselves or to think negatively about magick.

And believe me, this public apology, a year or so ago would have been impossible for me to do because it means admitting that I was wrong or that I have over stepped my boundaries but I am finally starting to mature a bit as an adult and coming to realize that admitting my faults is not a sign of weakness but rather, trying to be a better person and be willing to admit when I have stepped out of turn both to myself and to others who may have been affected by my comments or actions.

All I can do is extend this message to everyone and hope that it makes sense. I do not claim to be better than anyone else here, I am human and full of flaws too.

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Eh, I’m cool - if your head’s anything like as spaced as mine was during that and other possession experiences, it’s a wonder you can string some sentences together! Rock on and do your thing, it’s all good. :slight_smile: