My progress so far, advice desired

So far I can only make the sigil vibrate and feel a presence within and around me, I dot have much time to practice magick but I want to use a spirit to get lots of love and sex.
What do you guys suggest I do excactly?

You can open the sigil of any lust/love related spirit, there are few threads about how to get anything with sigil magic. The names you will find by searching the forum.

The second option for you, is to do the simple candle magic and ask the universe to bring a lot of extreme horny woman around you, which will jump into your bed whenever you ask them.

If you do not know, how to properly do this kind of candle magic, there is still long way before you.

Oh shit, not another guy who thinks spirits are tools to use for sex…

Like dellamage has said, there are answers in the forum, use the search function. Also there is a link to the Newsletter archive below, with lots of great info. Look up theta-gamma sync and activating sigils, etc.

Yes, you do.

Until you have no time for TV, internet, reading, gaming, hanging with your muggle buddies bitching about life, anything at all, then you have TIME for magick - you’re just not making it a priority. Maybe other non-survival activities (by which I mean, anything that’s not eating, sleeping, and earning a living) comes first in your mind ahead of magick?

If so, you’re sending out a signal loud and clear that magick’s not a priority, either, and your results no matter what format you work with will reflect that indifference.

You might get a bit of “beginner’s luck” because the spiritual entities often go out of their way to encourage someone new, and results at first can outweigh the effort you’ve put in, but if this is going to be a way of life for you - a way to get the lifestyle you desire and the enlightenment that will make you walk like a god - then there’s going to come a point where the level of work you put in will directly influence the results you get back out.

Take a serious look at where your time, energy, and money is being spent right now, because that will tell you what’s important to you, and what your life’s all about.

Read this as well: Five Steps to Create a Positive Change and Become Extraordinary.

I’m saying this becauase I want you to succeed, and you can’t do that so long as you somehow think you “don’t have time”: nobody on this forum has more than 24 hours in their day, and many of us have kids, partners, jobs, businesses - yet we manage to put in the time we need on our own sorcery and ascent.