My progress.. fading out? need someone's opinion

hey , well im quite new and i did the 9 days staring at the pantagram with the incantation exercise from mastering evocation, well it is helped me, the first days after it i could slip into the theta-gamma sync very deeply and i saw visions just appearing when i try to enter… well some time after i could only enter the sync in half of the deepens and after more time i could enter quick but it was a lot less depper just a little static …
also i can see the frequality in the air but its a little less then the sync that i can enter now…
my question is… is it really can happen? or is it just me and i should train more to get deeper into the sync?
and… what is your edvice to stay in the sync for a long time?


You’ve mastered the exercise and got bored. Well done :slight_smile: Now time to move on to the next exercise.

Keep going and don’t doubt your results.

You can record your results for future reference and watch your own progress.

ok , thanks…!