My problem with Lucifer

I’m a restless person, from the beginning I had a lot of doubts about the ocultist record with my family so… I asked Lu for help when i meet him “for the first time”. (They never forget anything)

Fine, yesterday I finally reach my goal trought a lucid dream:

I was face to face with one of them, the light of him began to glow behind me. My aunt just looked up and said with the truest of the devotions and convictions: “Lucifer!”

That what i call being brutally honest

Lucifer told me two days ago that he has been working more than I had contemplated with certain members of my family, I mean, with the same people who left me homeless three times in my childhood, the same people who left me half blind when i was a Baby, the same people who even kidnapped me a decade ago. Yes, dysfunctionality is also here.

This revelation is shocking to me. Left me with many emotional contradictions.

I really hesitated a little to make ties with Lucifer from the beginning because, well, the guy is quite popular, (even Netflix sponsors him. lol) so is obviously that many many magicians work with him, but I never imagined that this motherfuckers too, although it’s not surprising at all, because they are also in the LHP.

Lol. I really don’t know what to do.
They intention is well declared with my mother and me, and they even have sent her a death curse in the '90, quite common.

The problem here is that, Lucifer doesn’t wanna give me much information and I don’t have the courage to ask him for more because this really left me devastated. But the people I’m talking about are getting old, and with old age comes to stop lusting for the results which can result in the fulfillment of the magickal works, which leaves me really adrift with Lucifer, because I don’t know his true intentions with me, and I don’t know if most of the things he told me are only part of my family’s will. (Although if so, he would surely have let me commit suicide a long time ago)

I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s a fact that the people who i’m talking abaout have a very strong will and a very strong sense of self-righteousness. I don’t blame him, it’s unforgivable, but, you know what, I don’t blame him.

Those gods are beyond the good and evil. He just was magnificent, I gotts admit it, and it was a great game on his part because, (if what I am thinking is true) despite following the cruel will of those people, he was so gentle, kind, gentlemanly and seductive, of course, he… he’s Lucifer.

I was about to turn the guy into my Demon Patron, and he was happy with that.
I still have a lot of affection for him, my memory still works like a choreography and I can’t help feeling confident and his famous “Lucifer’s comfort” is really adicting

Basicaly, i felt in love. Lol

But, I’m confused, bc he has really helped me a lot in understanding certain things in the LHP, (even in the most twisted ones) developed astral senses, the basic newbie’s guide.

After all this I’m thinking that:

Should I kindly ask him to please leave?

Will the doors of the Infernal be closed for me?

I got to make “peace” with him and convince him that I have no intention of falling into ruin again?

(I would really pity myself if I try something like that ↑. I’m not here to compete for someone’s approval and attention. That’s unfortunate.)

Is he an imminet danger to me?

…Can i fly? (Srry, i could’t resist)

What the…? Did he come for protection, for attack, or both …?

Because all the times we have had the worst times caused by them, somehow he has been with me, he just came and pay us a casual visit.
So, I don’t know if he has been with me as part of his work and supervision, or to serve me as psychological support in my drakness times, or both, because maybe the guy is just being ambiguous and I was the stupid one who misunderstood everything.

If I separate from him, will I be facing an imminent attack by … him by my family?

What kind of protections do you use for sorcerers who work with Lucifer?

Deep down I also have repressed hate and wrath and intense desires to make them pay all the damage they have done to me and my mother, but Lucifer is still here, so I don’t know if he is telling me that despite everything, he’s just achieving his function of protecting them, or if he’s saying that he support me… or both an none.

He explained to me that that’s why, in the past, all of them had a huge altar with a large collection of angels with demonic figures behind, that is why, the time he materialized when I was a child, they all ran with such emotion to thank in the place where minutes ago he had been (After that, my mother and I lost everything, we were ruined and we are still struggling to keep it from happening again).

There’s someone here who want to leave a good coment here bellow?

Love from
Susanne! :black_heart:

Hi, Susanne

I’m the last person who should give you any advice regarding the occult, so I won’t.

BUT I will tell you this: your family looks more toxic than my ex not-my-girlfriend-but-I-still-love-her. And, man, that girl is so fucking toxic. So, a word of advise, cut ties, walk away, fade from their view. Eventually they’ll have to forget about you. Most people surrender. Maybe you could talk with Lucifer about that possibility.

But no, for real, if this people is a danger to you, get the fuck away.

Take care.

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“I get the fuck away” years ago, but I still need the money to survive, but it’s ok, they are still far away.
but Lu is working with them and at the same time is helping me, which is confusing, and yes i going to cut ties, even with him. I belive that this is a hard lesson of self confidence. This is serious. But, how the fuck you fight against with a crazy magicans (crazy in a psychiatrist sense) that work directly with lucifer?

First of all, sorry if the vernacular (which was for emphasis) bothered you. It wasn’t my intention.

Second, you’re not going to like it, but the thing that works best against people who believes they have power is to show them that we’re all equal. With violence. We all bleed. Now, I’m not sugesting you beat them to a bloody pulp, just because that’s what I would do. I’m sugesting you work into one of two ways:

ONE: Any equalizer that shows them that they can get hurt too. Sadly, I can’t give you any other example.


Any chance Lucifer can help you to make them lost any interest in you?

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I don’t know.
If he’s really working on their side, I doubt that his loyalty fails.
He has proposed long terms pacts to me several times, even when I was a little girl.
He says that it can be a worthy way to stand, not in the side of my mother, not in the side of my “family”, to stand in his side as a neutral intervening and protect me showing devotion that dignifies me in glory and justice before them, and that if I have the bravery and the willpower to make the decision, I can understand and interpreted the circumstances as if his attention was really focused on my endurance and not abuse from the beginning

Does that sound like something that a benevolent and assertive Lucifer would say? or does it sound like something that a trickster and reserved Lucifer would express for the fulfillment of his private intentions?

I’ve to purify myself of many things, try not to distort communication and resume caution.
I won’t fall back on blind trust just because most members love Lucifer.

If divinity is a birthright as an individual, I don’t have to worry, right?

I’ll try to improve my skills

Well, what I’m going to say is probably a taboo around here, but I’ll say it anyway: you’re right, you shouldn’t facll back just because most members love Lucifer. Hell, I’ll go further: I don’t think Lucifer is the strongest entity out there. Let me explain, most people was raised if not in christian households, at least in christian cultures. So all that is in the Bible has a massive weight. But you and me and everyone knows that some other pantheons (or as I like to say it, some other ideas) have been around for longer.

I know, I know, someone will be offended and will explain me that no, Lucifer existed before the Big Bang (sorry, I’m still 99% atheist) and they know it because they soul traveled back in time and had an orgy there or whatever. But I’m not backing down.

Maybe you should try to get to know someone in the Hellenic pantheon. Ares, Apollo, Atenea, someone who can and like to put up a fight.

But if all the deities we speak about here are real, then one thing is for sure: they all have their own agendas and goals. So yeah, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a trickster with a plan.

Be safe.

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You were kinda all over the place there, but what I can say is that you’re not in any danger? Lucifer is not bound to human laws, beliefs or social constructs. Lucifer isn’t going to go out of his way to comfort you, give you information or stop working with someone because it makes you happy. He’s a cosmic entity. A literal deity. It’s a give and take kind of relationship. If you don’t have the courage to ask him anything, then he’s really the wrong spirit to contact in the first place. I work with Lucifer constantly. I don’t care who else works with him. Because my version of Lucifer isn’t necessarily your version of Lucifer. You see what I mean? I hope you can get it all worked out. I wish you the best of luck.

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I have a lot to say about this… actually most of them are generic stuff you’d listen anywhere and others are more… well, I could give you some suggestions.

However, for some reason I feel a bit forced to tell you this: whenever I’m in doupt about this whole reality of magic and spirituality, I just meditate. Not a wierd or specific meditation, I just close my eyes, relax, get into a silent mind mode, for as long as I feel like and I’m just open to anything. I could get visions, spirits may come and talk to me, things may happen, energy may pass through, anything at all.

However, afterwards, for some reason, I have the answer I need or at least, I strongly believe that the answer in my mind is what I should do.


Thanks for the suggestions