"My Prince", a poem

My Prince
I was wondering what drew me to you for a while,
Perhaps it’s the green in your eyes or your white teeth smile.
I know you are oft wrapped up in your head,
Control is a delicate game of stepping just ahead.
Intuition works better than words that were said,
And remembering the book that we read.
I leave my body at night for a forked-tongue kiss,
It will be likewise with you, my narcissist prince.
And although I’m much more intelligent and successful than you,
I’ll be sure to see you in a spell or two.”
_ -Laileb Pornicarc-chwit._

I would like those of you reading this to reserve judgement. Or to leave this post if you don’t agree with what I’m doing. But the fact is, I am going to curse someone. It’s what people on here do, so I don’t want to hear anyone telling me off for it.

A karmic thing was happening to me. I was absolutely obsessed with a guy who wanted to use me for his own satisfaction. I went to see a psychic in person today and could feel strong energy in the air, I absolutely believe her. Despite the fact this guy was an ass was confirmed by @ebdr I still had my tarot cards and YouTube card readings and many other people implying this guy was meant for me. Apparently, my intuition and the universe was leading me to this guy, so he could hurt me, so I could learn more about myself and my mistakes. Another clear reason to move away from RHP and into LHP.

I have done two evocations mentioned in my journal. A ritual to Lucifer where I asked him to move my own obsession into this guy. And a ritual to Lord Rosier where I asked him to bring us together. My tarot readings changed after I did the ritual. Sensations in me changed. People on here I would talk to would say that this guy is interested in me, is checking out my Facebook with obsession but also confidence. When we were talking, I always chased him cause I figured he was shy and nice! But I see everything now. He really is a narcissist gameplayer. And he is confident because he is obsessed with control over people, and me.

I want him to know that I have magic powers and that he’s fucked with the wrong person. The poem above was put on my Facebook wall. Laileb Pornicarc-chwit is an anagram for ‘Belial, Capricorn and witch’. (This guy is a capricorn). Not that I’ve asked for Belial to do anything involving him, but I might.

For over a year I’ve been infatuated and obsessed. And continually lied to by angel and romance cards and readings. I will make this guy obsessed with me and curse him too. He was not a teacher for my angels to use to hurt me to healing. He will not hurt someone else because he couldn’t hurt me. I’m going to put a stop to him myself. I’m considering Astarte’s love slave ritual, though I don’t want to bind myself to him, just him to me. I was also thinking of Hecate, since she does justice matters. I would ask her to view his evil and punish him accordingly.

I would appreciate comments and suggestions for spells and entities. Thanks.


Don’t have any suggestions, but wanted to say that the poem was really well written. Good luck in your endeavors.


Thanks that’s very sweet! I could go through what each line means, all the hidden messages, but I think that’d be redundant.


i have no judgement…i love your poam writing skills and only thing i can say to you is know how it feels to be lied to by the card and angles to be blinded by the love you have for someone to be hurt n chase get used then hurt just to chase again i know how it feels your a strong wield person make him grovel at your feet show him what he missed out on cause they have noooooo idea how powerful enlightenment is with demons at your side (evil laugh evil laugh) no seriously tho keep your head up no one will love you better then you i had to ask mistress gasion to help me love me more lord sollos to take everything i felt for him from me i might just have him throw it all at him so he can see how it feels i didnt think of it til well right now lol

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Thank you! You are so sweet! It’s great to feel understood.

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your welcome n goig thru that is hard like really ppl take others for granted just cause they have a kind loving heart there is much better out there for you i promise

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If anyone is curious enough to psychically sus out the situation for themselves feel free to and tell me. I don’t really trust myself after being deceived for so long. I want to know if he’s decoded the anagram or if the spells I’ve put on him have taken hold. Did a form of curse earlier today

I’ve done spells on him individually with Lucifer, Rosier and Sallos. And then went to all three as I made a potent love jar spell. I tossed this bad boy out there on Facebook for good measure:

“Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by an imbalanced mind, lack of emotional maturity and an unfounded sense of superiority. The sufferer often craves attention by manipulating others out of a sociopathic need for control. The sufferer often has moments of getting off to how great they see themselves to be, despite the fact that the nature of their disorder prevents them from being very successful in life. NPC is a recognized mental illness and can be found in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).”

Maybe that will make him sweat.

Aaaaand I uploaded a new profile picture, and if you look in I’m wearing my pentacle necklace.

So the jar has leaked a bit, I had to wrap the lid with gladwrap cause it has a cut-out in the centre. The sigils came off. Is that a problem? Should I find another jar or redraw the sigils, what do you all think?

Okay I’m over it now. When someone chooses to commit murder, all of their life experiences from the time they were born up to the moment they commit the act, led them to believe in that moment that it was the right thing to do. When someone is mean or cruel to you, whatever they are going through has made them believe that doing so was the right thing to do at that time. Everyone who does anything did so because they believed it was the right thing, regardless of their capacity and what they do/don’t know. By ‘right’ I don’t mean a judgmental society upbringing perspective but the way we behave out of our own wants, feelings and personal damages. Humans will get along better if we understand this fact.

I still want to see how this spell goes, but only because I want to see my own magical capabilities