My preliminary ritual with The Super Blue Blood Moon

I have many rituals to do on The Super Blue Blood Moon, The first ritual a extremely potent empowerment ritual.

The idea is to first summon yourself, in a structured body, but here’s the interesting bit, you would structure your self in The Super Blue Blood Moon heres the instructions.

You should face the actual moon, then look up to the lunar wonder and enter the TGS, then you should structure a body in the center of the moon.

Then say this incantation

" I call forth myself, my godself, my higherself, my atman, my daemon self
my humanself, my astralself, my godform and my darkself.
Rise ( Say your full name ),
Rise ( Say your magick name ).
i project all i am to appear before me
I will myself to appear to myself Come
I summon ( Say your full name and magick name )
Come, I call thee and thy, Come, I call thee and thy ".

Feel all your spiritual essence leave you, i have done this
You feel like your without life and without your soul,
But allow all you are to enter the structured body
into the Super Blue Blood Moon.

Now raise you arms up to yourself upon the moon
and say

" Itz Kah Rala Lunar inz Ma’manta " X3
i channeled to call the powers of The Super Blue Blood Moon.

Now push all your will and force into these words and say

" May the moon Feed thee and thy,
May the bloodied moon Empower thee and thy,
May lunar encompass Thee and thy
The Blue, The Bloodied and the super,
Three Aspects of the lunar force,
Empower, enter, bind and inject your self
Into Thee and Thy ".

This will take those powers into the structured body,
Now say

" The God Of Becoming, come down to me
May my guides and ancestors assist you
Come down to me, ".

Now with you will pull down that self you structured and empowered.

When The self comes down to you, Open your arms and say

" Enter me, Rejoin with me, Remerge with me Come and enter me ".

Inhale and pull the structured self into you.

Close your eyes, with your breath expand yourself, to the moon feed on its power.

Then with a sharp inhale store all that power within you.

This will aid all the rest of your super blue blood moon rituals, plus the energy, power and residue will stay inside you, this will cause a spectacular alchemical empowerment of self.


YESSSSS !! I am definitely going to start off the super blue blood moon with this ritual. Thank you :pray:


no problem goodluck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bro i just posted my ritual, its so similar its pretty freaky lmao. Obv mine is more personalized but this is pretty cool

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Thats dope i’ll check it out

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It was under your buddies post in regards to tonights event

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Epic :+1: think imma use this as a primer ritual to my evocation of Lucifer for that night.

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Weird i’m going to summon lucifer, Salanayus then Az Jahi

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Lmao i love it. From what i can tell this evocation is the “kick off” for my workin with the 72 for the year. Gonna be a wild time lol

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