My poem to lucifer

Hi. I wrote a poem to lucifer thought this was a good place to share.

To whom do we owe the pleasure of serving

As reality sets, this place becomes unnerving

The room seems to shrink as the pressure expands

Panic fills the lungs as the purveyor of secrets frees our hands

With our weapons unshackled and our pilots unbound

We allow the experience to dissolve into sound

This rings through the world’s and is in all things of matter

The subtle vibrations as the subtleties clatter

The first realization was of what is to come

The second war had never been won

The script to the play mated with duplicity

Replacing what is with a fabrication called history

So now the truthbearer shown the proper way

So now in these chains we need no longer stay

The lost mass of the father who lay in the abyss

Climbs the rugged ladder to embrace serpents kiss

As two become one the rest becomes clear

We had buried our heads, unknowingly of fear

The needle thats hidden bears the worst sting

For this is the time the trumpets will sing

Its chalk full of symbolism as i wanted to post it to facebook to see who gets the meaning, so have fun.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: