My poem on lord lucifer πŸ–€

In my most lonliest time,

When i closed my eyes

I found nothing, but just darkness inside

I tried,

I fight,

Even ones I succeeded to hide.

But i was right

Everyone lied

Even the truth was denied ,

I kept walking , inside,

In search of a bright light.

I looked here and there,

Tried finding you everywhere.

For ones , i felt, left is no hope and layer

When I turned to step back

I found a snack

A snack of white light

Which tasted just right.

I saw you there inside.

You visual of a red dragon

You dark fallen angel

You hooded handsome man,

With a very sharp sight.

You goat faced god

I love you alot.

You are the executioner

Hail lord lucifer :black_heart:


written perfectly… thanks for sharing.

Hail Lucifer


aww i really liked that :heart:


Delicious indeed


Great work, thanks for sharing!


That poem was great and thank you for sharing it :smiley:

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Everyone in this universe must take that, atleast for ones in their lifetime,

but i am afraid they’ll end up making it their religion and start making it controversial :man_shrugging:.

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Are we talking about the same thing? :thinking:

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I guess so ,
And even if not, everything is connected indeed.

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This is so beautiful. I immediately felt a connection with your words. This is somehow both light and also so deep. I’m in awe. Thank you for sharing.

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Your poem is beautiful!

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Love it!:two_hearts:

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Love it!! Thank you for sharing. Hail Lucifer!

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Thank you