My Personal Experiences and Hesitations

I’m new to the community but not new to the concepts and ideas that come with this culture. And for the longest time I have held back and avoided this world. I did not want to be a part of it but now, at this point in my life, I cannot turn away from the things I experience and the abilities I want to cultivate. For the past ten years I’ve turned away from magick, turned away from the things I’ve felt and seen and just attributed so many things to just being sensitive and maybe a little crazy.
But I’m not crazy and the things I’ve seen and felt have all been real.
I’ve met my dead great grandmother and described her to my mother in perfect detail as a child.
I’ve witnessed spirits.
I’ve been attacked and fed on by black shadows.
I’ve been privy to information and knowledge I should not have.
I’ve experienced the astral projection of a friend entering my dreams and been able to recount it together the next day. (And had my dream space violated by someone unfamiliar)
I’ve always been sensitive to others energy and can often ‘read’ them and their past easily.
I’ve been able to pick up energy off items and miscellaneous objects.
I’ve smelled the phantom scents of friends, loved ones and the deceased around me.
I’ve accidentally projected myself into another’s home without permission (probably put up a post describing the space and see where I ended up).

I cannot and I will not turn away from these signs. I plan to take this path as my main focus and truly respect and appreciate the way of life it seems I was always meant to live. I will grow in this culture, in this world, and I will find where I am meant to progress and go in that direction. I plan to find my purpose and chase it down.
So here’s where I am now… I have a decent grasp on my tarot card understanding. I still struggle to meditate but I’m working on it. I keep a grimoire that I write in all the information I learn. I can charge and imbue items to serve my purposes. I can manipulate others energy, usually for healing or removing negative energy with simple touch or near proximity. I have never worked with others or in a group or coven capacity.

I want to make friends, people I can talk to, create a network that offers safety and understanding and I want to see how far I reach to gain knowledge and how much I can learn. I want to understand.


I wish you all the Best :smile_cat:

Many of us have been in the same boat as you, thinking it was all in our head. But when things start to happen in the physical world, that’s when we take it seriously…

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