My personal development and journey

This is a journal for my development and experiences exploring the magickal path. I have worked on and off, but I’ve decided to truly push and dedicate myself. I’m ready to grow and learn as I need to. Magick has already brought a lot to my life. Let’s see where we go next -


I started this forever ago, ill begin adding entries now…

Ive become very interested in acquiring an incubus. I’ll be doing the letter of intent method. I’ve wrote the letter. But I won’t be performing the actual ritual for a couple more days. Just to finish researching and preparing myself. Although whenever I go to work on this letter or focus on what I want, I get this foggy feeling, like someone’s listening /watching… We will see the outcome. I’ll update more after the actual ritual

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I’ve finished the letter for Lilith, I still feel like someone has been watching or listening to me lately. I can feel their presence. It’s pretty heavy. I’ll complete the ritual on the 29th. I plan to fast until then.

Since writing the letter I cannot get the idea of the ritual out of my head. I always come back to it.