My Personal Alchemical Transformation. Journal in self realization

Also words and meanings I feel as though I was running some magick that I am not conscious of

To cause fear In others
Beryth Iasa bree’t’ a

Brei unt iama fa bias ica lemur
Blue is the blood of copper
Isana raer’ut ka

To recall my abilities
Mia Isana nu un va beleth mi ta

Elu Isana Israfil Bia Mitkasa

IA Sana _ it hS been received


How do I say this…
I am hungering for meat essence
I hunger for sex
I hunger to play
I go to the gym and all I find is boredom

But that is not a concern.

I observe that I must be doing now. Now I must the work begins now.
I get flooded with automatic spell casting my spirit surges out of no where words and purpose pour out. From what. Something I see in a possible future that is affecting to myself or someone (s) else.

Then I’m tired and crave meats blood as I felt myself was fly around whilst walking around.

I notice a god who gets on with his task but I see food and entertainment. I am not bothered by any there is no care. I feel. I am Invincible.
Yet I do not gorge as I feel the spirits around me and their need causes me to or something to reign myself.
Like I am walking in desguise.

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I don’t want your promise to remind me how to do something. So "Hot North Wind South of the Dusty East Road.
Never bloody mind

I have begun the process of make petrified pigs heart. It’s drying out in the salt solution just now.

I have an alchemy made money elixir @Yberion showed me how to make
Plus using a different requirement I made a heart elixir. Though this one didn’t go bang in the kitchen


I have made blood pact with Azazel and it seems he agreed and was instructing me what is required and what methods and more. Last night I began geed pact bug it was not full complete… I had also made 2 week agreements with Sitri and tonight will have a 2 week start with Astarte /Astaroth
Im a fast Learner now I am completely in this form I have work to accomplish.

So last night got so far but a bit of red wine in Agrimony.
So much bloody pigs blood makes me heady…
And the rest of the - half sized wine and I was off my head. But it clears quickly.
I can make authentic effects of narcotic out of energy balls. @Yberion says their effective. Though the morphine one I did the other day I had to remove from his system. So I’ll just pass on Hemp instead.
Basically easy.
Before my change I was removing pollens as nothing but particles out of my body and turing them into beneficial energies. Very easy effect. Mentally manipulating someone else’s body is not hard at all se ms its just a rest in thought and what you are thinking is occurring and as ll you feel is pulses in forehead.

Well. Divergence aside.
This morning I re evoked Azazel and added amendment with extra blood (hmmm)
The conversation was interesting. I noticed an j usual occurrence. As some entities I end up singing then whispering :man_shrugging:
Today my voice dropped in pitch and depth for him and. my normal for me.
The recording showed that that during Azazel speak there was throbbing as if tapping noise. Only dur his speeches.
I also kept slipping into bits of what French and Latin sounds llike a bit of English.
I felt like I was desp trying to speak English so my sounds volied and jumbled as the dyslexia was interested in participating… I think not.
Im not havi it where I’m thinking of so many things and solutions at once that I say several of them all at once.
I no longer like this especially in many languages.
The reason I give one line answers is I usually have the solution and methed as ll worked out once I have a vague idea of the question. Hense although I hjvd quick point lknd simple and vague is because once I think of it I already have method and outcome pretty much instantly add to this it common that I would be on several topics at once: Hense I don’t want to waste my time writing or saying what I al figured out and damn if others cannot see this? Meh then your too slow.

Now… This is not my preferred method of communicating my delivery. I do so though bec of the energy explaining what we all already know.
It’s a waste of effort.

Hhhh so back to the contract
I had thought to offer 2 sacrifices for our 2 year pact. He questioned Minkasa about weather I should feel about it in essence killing a couple of people. I expressed that meat and flesh human animal (took care to explicit outside my family nucleus)
I expressed that no guilt at all that Minkasa has complasio us offering the ones previously marked rather than wanton killing.
I had visual of a dead cat and suicidal younger woman. But the emotions were not there. He suggested my cat I said she’s in my nucleus in my household but although I have affection I don’t feel for the animal like before. Her presence is merely a pleasing distraction. He question me about responsibility and. He appeared to satisfied with my response.
(If time I may type)
I saw then the vision of the contract being held in the “air” and being burned it was as if its essence was being consumed.
I was then revisited by idea to buy a rat or mouse (say it’s for a snake :joy::grin:). And I am To kill by blade myself.
Well. OK.
Went for a walk and found small bird egg shell

On traffic area.

This is so very interesting
The shape of me is more noticeably altering
These two pictures are before the evocation wherein Minkasa speaks. One is before and after presencing Self.

And this is Directly AFTER the evocation.

There was Zero change in my rooms lighting and so on. All Exactly the same.
The visual I suspected but wanted proof myself. So I prepared the snap picks.
Well that’s it for this one


Good work!



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as I have mentioned i seem to be have 2 languages running almost continuously. English becomes an effort my speach and accents alter so when i am trying to speak English i am finding that the linguistic pattersn are alternating.
Have also mentions that as @Yberion pointed out i slip into speaking High Elf
or so it seems. the command tone just takes over adn somehthing else occurs. I have taken to recording when i feel it coming on or as its in swing so part of what i am saying i can find out later.
So here are two I’ve notated. we go:

Tsa uka e reles si’in nea ka sele ka sele she me’ti’ana ula be he ia’be ia’be kuru suru meta is’a ena ik is’se
ina’ sut.
Vel le kres vel le kres muntagana mele tres la tas Morgana le’u dush le’u dush shi kras unt lut e’e krana e’krana e’krana Ashala a’a he’le she ut’ turu huk he’na ka lame kis’si’re
hia kas la mun juru ( or zuru) una uru a Minkasa. Hek’kres
Hik krus sut hes ish iac Mele’tu a’e le ese poro Lu’fu’r’ara Ke’mes munkassuli’e
k(kw)es’e e’shia mus sulu urlu
mele e oof efah kula e’fia ut’tia e shia est Le’st est’e es’shut.
Tres ek ele lish amarlish mula e’ema ma’uma.
Kres’ina Kres’ina Kres’ina a’es she’le’t hu’mai’lia asama le se ducsel le le hi’kisi i he’ru musu ulu ere’bm
He’re’s hol’of’s hak mek hik’kris’si ha sala to sala to oro shi Lia’sa le’em’e hem e a emaruiu ma ba’asna
ia ooliama a’le uru sia ma’turu.
Blessed is the fire blessed is the blood blessed is the air that flows from this … krist (form?)
ex’sitis .
Nexs frik’shia font ust mele res e’e mi’oh
Malia ah. he’muso ele ele ele. Les’shia tus ve’re sia ma tan ia ma ta ma su he’rek ama ka
Bele tus sile sil’le’ish sil’le’isha musana e kres’sia.
Mun bu’to ek hris’s el brestea unst tant um bunst el’list unst eas dres est as tala es mun tamba rea O’to’m
Autonomy autia me’e’tia me’ret ia muso kwek es’sak
im’mek kia’as
Kliat’tus slu’lror Niama I am Queen victorious queen unstoppable force. Minkasa ve’kre’esta Leshia Nekria O’lor Fire
ele uno est e’a tia’na’uma retia chef’la orish Hikris Hikris is le krista mus’ia.
Velek koron kelek koru mia kusu molo’shia mi’tia’ba. he. Hekris assistance hekri assistance ele tu’ian sa ele unon amae ahn uno Sitri sia’tu shela ala. Sallo suno no’roro He’ekala’mie
shish’ea lo furu mat Ales’a ales la ta
He ukos’olo so’la’matia felek felek sun felek sun uma shia maat u’ru ia Atremis ssa. Astaroth Asate ele.
ele’e eshia un koro me’tia Hes’sia akemiki alchemical alchemy le ka shudu transmugo esa es’shia akem. transformation la ku’a lea tusk mek kis e’e e shri’el’la
He’kris’esta le kes
Huru sia a’ma t’e a’le’ta a hele la mulo oorish la elek elek ka e ka sia su nuru Itz rel itz ret Azazel Mia sana la’le rish a’e ka
hulu sia’m e’re e’a los e’a los e’a e’re’mulo lmala es te ush sh fe’res tia a os’ta ama e’ek hori am’ai’la e’lek e’lek e’lek la kus’ia e’lek ish ia mek kisha et tusu muru eval e shim’pa ek.
Fight of the fight of Minkasa ‘s blood fight the fight bring back the power. Me’kesa bring back the power me’kesa bring baok e’shia ama ala ele shia
Hika amu suno’o ekri ekri remember remember. Ekri isa etu sulo hu’ skia skills skilet sha’uso as’iama ia’sa ele le’tu soro le pa’a
Kuno ara Bi’asa a ge’lish ept fi’le fe’le el’e ulu a hiri ‘shi unt is hia kun’ suru ele Azazel
Blood to the fire
He’res Ia odor niaka a’k siak ama’e no distractions kuru’si Ia mat or halia a’pa iash in blood
Blood earth fire blood fire in blood in fire blood in e’shia ma turiet turietk Kalizahn hikes ‘ere shulu hoola. Es
es’ res’ta eka
Ve’e’lere’e kestia unu kuru gamona ia akar
He’on ook’kuru’shia e’ru Ku shia e na uni. Oolia ish a’ma u’ra power important that rises from within down deep in my being up into the sia’a ka vele show rush e ik’sa
I will be seen
In control contract contract ek elek ek elek unt blood blood blood ele kish Kalizahn eka’ s hu lash e’r alish e’a’in’se’a bl in fire blood in steam
Felek solo flowing water
Mia blood heart e’krish mekia angelica kres arel it’las
Nu’suno este bre estar nete’a kustu’e no separation between demon and angel
Mia’es ala e’kria no separation between flesh and spirit.
Isa USA ek sia e’kris Ia mut mez’ta vele cos ra ta la esh she ika ma for’ush let’tis’sa k’s ek’a kela kri Mia kalakus alch alech chiasama
Let the fire blow let the blood rise li liash ika unt ele ele alora
Mez erel itz arel itz arel itz rel itz rel Azazel in contract in contract. Eko ek isk mes est rest ah. Felek fun (ou)
Fire skin. Mes relek.

End recording. Just happen before I made the contract to both our liking.

This was a few days ago


I have discovered I can make peppermint tea smell taste and texture as expresso with a very faint hint of mint-like background aroma… Ah but the next morning I could not replicate.
Psychic energy sex maybe a bit like telekinesis as the topic was discussed. But when you rease your physical hold allow your spirit to enter with another then the manipulation and power surge is beyond belief. I mean that doing it with one of you still conscious is very very phy but if both parties release their hold then the end result is phenomenal, especially if one knows tantric. Now I must learn tantric.
What happens when gods play…
Then both have a lot of power surge.

OK I won’t discuss it further. But those who are psychic enough and more I suggest you experiment with one or more.
Especially without the chakras.
You truly experience being the spirit you are.
Though I have wondered what the power wattage would be is scientifically measured with modern instruments.

The power of telepathy when applied before the emergence and after is very different. For one the hot spikey burning in and through the skull is dominat after its like ice with less effort and isocated by sensation at the forehead.
The sensation of this after the removal and digestion of the chakras energy vortices. The immense shift in your personal vibration I am still finding words adequate.
When it come to power outage the more consent rated effort there is still some heat pain that spreads throughout. Although that’s something to do with with the release of power and memory that Azazel Abaddon and even Sitri has drummed to me of impending pain beyond what I have ex so far that and the requirement to to blood sacrifice on a rat wash my feet in it and wet my hair with its blood. (I will have to buy said rat),
I am warned that this will trigger Ashala’s memory through Nimue as the aspect that holds power over life and death. And to rem who I am because the memories of power and skill will flood me… Not to mention the pain.
I not sure how much I feel about pain. If it’s as intense as psychic pleasure or like the burning skulls. I will find out on the darkest moon. Although no one mentioned which darkest moon…

The liberation and hollowness right through the centre top to bottom wind whistling empty.
Of course you must keep your astral body cleared and shield it from the stray dirt of human and chakra inflicted individuals. Otherwise it hangs about your body looking for a home: albeit a home in an empty alley. :smirk:
I have contacted some people one said it felt like energies gathered in the places where chakras used to be.
Curious how other people would describe the situation.
But it does force the you to cleanse daily.

Doing the dragon breath frequently throughout the day helps and shielding
Frequent practice on different types of things and ond other beings. Looking at how others wo and seei if they are synchronistically applicable or not.

Right this very moment I have placed an aspect of my essence to shield a friend who although quite powerful in his own being is sometimes the intuitive sense tells you to do it for a time.
Just as long as he remember to catch me when I am unable to maintain this.

For now.
Dark Blessings
Morgana Le Fae


Darkest moon: perhaps the new moon of December, and there also is a solar eclipse that day which (if I’m correct) will be visible in your part of the world.


Thank you @Netherman that was an image that came to my mind whist he spoke…“like an eclipse the darkest moon…”
Hmmmm thanks. I googled found no recent ah… So I just asked…
You are so awesome that gift of detail in your eyes

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I got more to post but… May go back to sleep

Who am I:

Morrigan is an earlier incarnation of Morgan / Morgana
Nimue us an earlier incarnation of Ashala

Do not think that these realisations were easy to believe
Nor is impossible for there to be more of me
Currently I have not seen any varifiable truth to say otherwise.

For example
@Yberion . Yberion is also Oberon. There seems to be another Oberon still incarnated although quite old.

But if you are unsatisfied try evoking and see what answers.

I also suggest asking the demons and angles and see what they say @Dragon_Crow

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I dont care. I don’t think I made myself clear the first time.


I understood you.
This is not exactly just for you.
What you think or care about is your thing. I’m no bothered either way.

But this is my thread and my incarnation. It’s not up to you how it just is.

If you’re not bothered, why do you keep tagging me and replying? Why are consistently trying to argue and push your point? Clearly you do care and probably are pissed because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have said anything. Instead, you went around the thread, tagged me in another one and went on from there.

As I said, you do you, but kindly stop tagging me when I clearly said I’m not interested.

This morning evocation of Azazel

Me: In’relek eles le’et ve’elas kre’et
Thank you Azazel for the things you are doing for me and the things you are teaching me and the way I am learning and the changes you are assisting in occurring
A’alesh ikri at munst’stela
What is it you want to tell me today Azazel

Ombre’ak esle’at
Never stop. Your work will continue. E’ek kelesh nekrista yalek.
Be prepared. It will get worse. Continue.
klaz’liak kata’pa
Do not resist the future. It will happen. Miashla kre’et

Me: I feel like you are repeating yourself. Do you think. I’m not l?

E 'laat you resist. Allow it. You. Will see. What. We have in store.

Me: I have an image relating to a communication is the one I’m not meant to resist

Laughter. You are st asking questions

Yes. I am. Still asking questions.

Very well. Amusing you…
Do not resist it.
You do not want to say the word. Even now. When you understand it’s meaning.
That’s right. We know and you know we all know.
Do not. Resist the future. When it comes you will. Be.
If it pleases. You can share (re the recording onto my channel)
They Will Know Me for who I am not for what they think I am. But for what. I am

You mean they will know Azazel as Azazel in all your aspects

Very well.
Kiladish stan Kiladish stan Kiladish stan Nek kri stalet kras’na

Is there. anything else you wish to. Tell me before. We finish.
Azazel Aziz

Do not resist the future. This coming

What else. What else do you want to say

Norlish. Cle’ast me’ek istrel. Istiel’a
Glorious is the spirit of the Rising Fire

I write this down what I see

Vi’ela kas
Niat ma
Belek tus
Estrafel. Iaktus
It is sigil. Draw it keep it show it. It is the sigil
It brings. Change. Me
Iavek Laet

That’s all. Goodbye
Lavek Lirak

Azazel presence is leaving
Thank you Azazel. Thank you Azazel


Tonight I did a double evocation of Sitri and lady Quan Yin (Kwan Yin)
More then 45mins.
Felt mildly possessed by Quan Yin and blanket of Sitri
Fuck I m tired
It’s uploading onto my channel. This is what they requested.

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OK so I uploaded it - it split its recording in 2 - onto my channel…
It affected me too much. … Shielding
I have found that my shielding style has changed dramatically. I began using fire walls. But fire can be extinguished I tested lava I tested ice colder than space I tried smoking mirrors and I have with a suggestion that I’m not entirely sure was intended for that but I have found one I particularly like.
But bei me. That’s my secret.
Im not Keen to double evoke those two together for a while… I swear I felt possessed by Kuan Yin and blanket possession by Sitri and my heart didn’t like it my ability to breathe worse than anything prior.

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But i find the fire als banish method most powerful. Works perfectly and kills parasites too. I use the promethean fire. After that the vibration is very high and very quick maybe is part of the demonic alchemy.


Promethean fire?
Is it like dragons breathing?
I love using this too.
But as you know the pattern water kills fire fire kills metal metal kills wood and wood kill earth