My pendulum ? What is this?

So, I just got this amethyst crystal pendulum… when I first bought it, I would use it and didn’t really feel anything. The last two days, I can feel something pulling it. So I made a pendulum board. I felt it pull hard to letters. However I don’t understand what it’s trying to say. It’s like a different language… I am new at all this. Just wondering what to think??

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First time. Keep at it. You calling any particular spirit or just seeing what comes? There’s a lot of real low evolutionary level spirits out there, many malicious. Just saying.



Try not to ask questions that require long detailed reply. “Yes-no-maybe-I don’t know” as options for answers, would be the best to start with. Then you can use letters later when you become more familiar with it.

You basically ask the question, then let the pendulum moves anywhere it wants. Even if it seems irrelevant or meaningless. If you couldn’t figure out any meaning then simply forget about it. It works but it’s not perfect.

Most important is to try to be specific when it comes to the spirit you’re communicating with. Know who you’re planning to contact before you start. And keep in mind that sometimes a trickster spirit may pretend to be the one you’re trying to contact. So don’t automatically accept any answers you get as absolute truth.

There are tons of YT videos with valuable and practical information about using the pendulum, I would recommend that you watch few of them.


You should start off with “yes” and “no” questions with horizontal and vertical answers respectively, then move on to more complex options, that’s how I use them

they tap into your subconscious, so ask a question and go into a slight trance, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for from either yourself/higherself, or spirits as well

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Write the letters down then type the words, one at a time, into Google Translate and leave it to “detect language” because sometimes spirits communicate with a jumble of words from different languages.


I did that. And it still it still don’t make sense. I gotta figure this out :expressionless:. It’s bugging me to know what is trying to tell me something