My "peeping" 👁 mother got busted by Lucifer

We’re was in our car, when my mother started to asking me about dreams and their ‘true nature’. I’ve answered to her every question, and seemd like my answers was enough strong to her to force her to reveal her last experience to me, which freaked her out, but she kept in secret before me.

She told me that she usually have a kind of "dreams’, where a “portal like” mirror opens before her, and she able to see things what are actually going in our house in real time (it’s proven that she has right every time and what she saw are all of those sightings was true).

“So… I saw someone. A man. With black or very dark brown, short hair, and with white skin. I was behind him. I was absolutely unsuspecting, and curious about who is he, but suddenly… I’ve felt that he is noticed me. He knew that I’m watching! He knew it… A terrible fear and some indescribable feelings possessed me, then he started to turn his head towards me, very very slowly. I was so scared, shocked, and before I would able to see his face, I woke up immediately.”

After she described her experiences, I’ve started to ask her for more details and her emotions, feeling. Little thinking, and what I know now are:

― The only room what is hard to approach even to her (a person who are in my inner trust circles, who isn’t a stranger) is my room. Even if she is successful, she can saw only objects on my room, nothing more
_ She was unable to see anything else, but only this person’s head.
― Every time when she saw the actual “reality” and whats going on in our house, she saw this “mirror like portal”, and in this case, she saw it as well, what is possibly means that she saw someone in our house, and of course, no one else is here like this “Man”, but Lucifer Himself, in my room
― Though she knew that I’m working with Lucifer, she never saw Him before, I’ve never told her how I see Him now, and based on what she saw (of course it isn’t too much info), she describet Him very well.
_ When I’ve asked her about that energy what she possibly felt, she answered me that yes, she never felt this kind of energy before, it was extremely huge and unknown to her

It is also true that Lucifer is always with me, our connection is became stronger and stronger with every day, hour, minute, moment and every night We have our own “to do list” before I go to sleep (and I can feel Him next to me even in my bed), which means that it isn’t impossible that Lucifer noticed her in my room (she isn’t attempting do this too often with my room, and possibly it was her first attempt since I’ve contacted with Lucifer), and He wasn’t kept it in secret before my mother.

Of course, I’ve asked about this Lucifer Himself, but He just act like every time when He wants me to believe in my senses, intuitions, which isn’t that easy but every time when He did this He was always right (as I do).


Lucifer’s pretty interesting guy. So i was just listening to a video on luciferian philosophy whilst waiting for the bus, and a Jehovah’s witness decided to approach me. She talked about the usual stuff. i.e. submission to god, and obediance.

Almost like lucifer decided to summon a case study for me to learn from. i.e. dont be like this woman. Very interesting haha


Dreams aren’t always meant to be taken literally. And even when someone dreams about an entity, that doesn’t always mean the entity in question was there. Brains are unreliable that way. :joy:

I think what Lucifer wants you to do is to use divination to discover the truth for yourself. I’ve learned from experience that just trusting your intuition isn’t always the right course of action. If you have a hunch, you should always be willing to confirm it on your own.


Dreams aren’t always meant to be taken literally

I think you don’t get the point.


Amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Nice artwork choice.


What do you mean?

Dreams aren’t always meant to be taken literally. There’s usually an underlying message within the imagery that dreams display. Here’s a thread by EA explaining such:


This wasn’t a dream. Read with more caution next time.


You literally said here:


I really didn’t want to explain this again or more precisely. Let’s put a dot at the end of this story. Thanks.

( And ’ ’ has meanings, anyway. )


So it was an out of body experience? Or was she taking a nap? Or both?


Yes. She was very uncertain at first, this was the reason why she started asking me about this and called this as a ‘dream’, but she mentioned that in her beliefs this isn’t really ‘dreams’ and of course, I’ve helped to her to make sure what’s going on and find proofs that these are was 100% out of body experiences.

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Looks like she had a very intense experience with Him, because today
she surprised me with this beautiful (and my favorite) image of Lucifer + border:

My heart melts for her little gift,
I love you, both.



Lucifer is a real one⚡️


I believe you. As I was reading this I felt a ghostly tap on my arm as I lie on my bed exhausted from handling business all day. I’m too embarrassed by the state of my room for company :sweat_smile: I hope one day I can afford a maid"

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Some days I wonder what it would be like to start a Lucifer door to door mission just for the reactions lol. “Good morning sir; Have you heard the good news? Lucifer is the Lord of Light!”

But in truth I find everyone who works with Lucifer ends up on a mission just by how we live operate navigate and believe.