My patron demon is Mammon, need information

Hello guys, got a reading from vk jehannum and he told me that the demon who wants to be my patron is Mammon, I did an invocation and kept hearing, “are you really ready for this?” “Are you sure?” And I said yes.
So I’m having a hard time connecting to him but I’m already setting up an altar with money,pearl’s, golden things, crystals, his sigil on a small canvas. Any suggestions? And what is your experiences with him especially as a patron and what does a patron really mean in this sense?


A patron can be seen as many things, but one of the biggest connotations is a guide or teacher.

Perhaps certain aspects of Mammon would be useful in your life.

I have no experiences with Mammon, or with Mammon as a patron. I get the feeling he wants you to figure out a lot of this yourself. He wants you to look into him. This will be like a journey of interesting discovery.

Good luck. Everything will make sense in the next few days


Thank you for the explanation and answer!

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Check out this 21-day Mammon invocation thingy. The related youtube vids are still avail.

V.K. Jehannum is really intense. His partner in the 21-day invocation of Mammon died from smoke inhalation on January 12, 2020. A candle set fire to his trailer while he slept. His LHP name was Joshua Savage. He was of Native American descent in Arizona. Another occult person named Ed Morrow was an enemy of Joshua Savage and took credit for the death!

the two friends planning the 21 day project during December 2019:

tributes after the death of Joshua Savage:

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Maybe try meditating to this. The first time I fell asleep listening to it, I had kinda extreme nightmares in which I fought everybody (including family members).

Google “Purgatory Apotheca” and pay to get money help from Mammon if you have specific projects / endeavors in mind. The spells are strong… I am not the only person who thinks this. Perhaps that is all I should say about THAT.

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Already know about this!

Thanks for the videos, its sux about his friend tho… :frowning:

Wow intense!

As a mammon researcher and talking qhit others peopls countries. Mammon seal can be diferent to others, v. K. Has one another 2 populars are in google. Its a cult on brazil were he has a Temple. Very swcrwt. And its a Egyptian temple somewhere in Midwest usa were a guy a single guy is on charge of Egyptian moneys hods, including maon is a Egypt god his flowers herbs, chants, and numbers. Tru few peopls even talk of him is hard to give up his seals and rituals. I can ask someone’s and post here. I sugest you conctact authprs or publisher if tey come up whit someone publishing mamon. Or even here.

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I wouldn’t trust youtube videos that got people killed.

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