My Pathworking

So I came up with an idea that seemed logical to me. And a Tarot reading I did seems to confirm this is a good idea.

I decided that before I get back in to evoking demonic entities, I am going to follow a self-determined pathworking.

This pathworking goes as follows:

  1. Introduce myself formally to the Powers of Darkness in utilization of a ritual found in Works of Darkness (pgs. 110 - 114).
  2. Evoke elemental spirits from each respective element. This is to empower and take control over the elemental aspects within myself.
  3. Begin demonic evocation again with a more formal approach. Planning evocations more thoroughly, rather than simply doing one whenever I feel like it with little to no preparation.

No feedback? Hmm, wanted to know if this is a good path?!

Well I like it.

If I could add one thing, I would do a type of empowering ritual each day as well. You could go with the Middle Pillar, E.A.'s Obtainment of Omnipotence, Jason Miller’s Pillars and Spheres, or an invocation of your highest self.

That will help tremendously with what you are trying to accomplish.

Excellent recommendations. Thank you.

I am going to begin researching the benefits of Elementals. This is something my familiar has told me was a good idea, I myself have yet to discover what Elementals can do! He told me to evoke Elementals to gain their power over each element that composes the human being, which is each of the four elements.

In my meditations, I have been doing chakra work. I am definitely noticing changes, but I am not sure yet if each chakra is 100% functional, or how to tell when they are.

I think daily invocation of empowerment (paraphrasing what you said) would be incredibly beneficial.

Today, my meditation is incredible. I felt exactly what E.A. described in something I read of his regarding chakra work. It was incredible.

Furthermore, my daily Tarot Reading was incredibly interesting. I think it was telling me that I am on the verge of, or already obtained a breakthrough.