My Path to The Darkside

It was 1999 and episode 1 just came out. I was highly obsessed with Darth Maul. I went to see the movie 8 times.

I had this poster on the back of my door. I would just stare at it before going to sleep. His eyes one night just scared me. Something happened.

I was part of the online fandom back then and found the Sith philosophy.

A couple of years later I would get into Satanism. But my one true love was and always be the Darkside.

I’m never was or be a Left Hand person. I’m off the darkness. Hate fills my entire being. Power is all there is.

I refuse to cling to a late 19th century outdated dogma.


You have a beautiful philosophy.

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Not a huge star wars fan, but I have always loved the Sith philosophy.

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Darkside love is the best type.
Happy V day forum.

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I am more of a Warhammer 40k guy, I was drawn to Gamaliel by how much I loved Slaanesh, to Marbas by how much I loved Nurgle and to Thelemic practices because of the Imperial Creed. Among the few Star Wars stuff I’ve seen, I’ve always liked the Sith the most, to the point that I failed to find anything cool in the Jedi, and as everything Star Wars related (at least in the mainstream products) is very Jedi oriented, I dropped the franchise altogether. I think my happiest Star Wars momments was when as a child I played the Cartoon Network games where I could choose the Sith characters, those victories where so fullfiling that I remember them clearly even now despite they were just flash games

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