My path into the Demon world

So this is just a journal for me to keep track of myself and my delving into the deep end of the pool of spirituality. Comments and support is welcome from my fellow travellers as a matter of course.

Early August

Current Goals: Open myself up for communication astrally and psycically.
Current Work: Intense Yoga focussed on opening the Chakras and practices to open the Third Eye.

So after having started to meditate daily on the pentagram and chanting Ave Satanas with my breath I have had deeper meditations than I’ve ever had before. I get deep and start to involentry jerk my arms and hands. My Third Eye area is tingling everyday now.
I’ve asked Satan if I have a guardian/patron demon in meditation. Not an invocation or so, just letting this thought reach out to Him. I had an experience where I thought I heard Marbas name and had an experience in medtitation on his name with light spinning and myself spinning.
After that though I’ve not felt a presence or activity.

So I thought I’d take a Divination approach and ask if he where my guardian/patron demon. I made a makeshift pendulum. and followed the instructions on

After some practice with asking the Pendulum some questions I knew the answer to a 100% (and got a bit freaked out at its complete accuracy I might add!) I got to work on the names.
After wittling down the yes and no’s I wound up with 3 names. Amon, Vine and Leraje.
I was entering a light trance upon doing the divination and felt the energy of the Demons around me and even some differences in them. My three Patrons had a less massive/dark energy field and was lighter, even jollier than the rest.

Ofc I’m still wonderering about Marbas but he might have just helped me out with my Third Eye or my Divination was not accurate. I need to ask for assistance about that.


Early August

Having used Divination yesterday to divine the names of my Patrons Amon, Vine and Leraje I have made a rudimentary alter with their sigils.

Today I made an offering of the substances they are associated with as a sign of my respect. I personally think it’s important to treat them with respect and thoughtfulness as I’m building potentially long-term relationships.
It was not a proper summoning either I think. I simply wanted to invite them and give my thanks for their patronage. I used a formula from VK. Johannum’s website. I’ll edit and add it tomorrow for anyone interested.

My Patrons showed up! I could feel their presence, like being covered by a blanket or having the heat of people that stand right next to you surround me. My Third Eye tingled like mad and I thanked them each for their revealing themselves as my patrons and presented my offering.
I sat meditativley in their presence for a while as they did not leave as I bade them to go in peace if they so wished. I ended it by once more bidding them peace and power in their steps.

I’ve decided to give them a new offering every week and light incense daily in their honor. No strings attached.


Thank you for posting the link.
Will have to try that just to verify. :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t edit my text but I’m adding the link here

This would be it:

Middle of August

I finished my altar.
As I don’t live with people who are comfortable with Satanism, I’v had to be somewhat creative.

To minimize discomfort I made the following:

  • I’ve only used sigils and no satanic pentagram.

  • In front of each sigil is a candle in a holder in the color associated with each Demon.

  • As an offering I have small bowls with associated spices in front of each as well.

  • The Pentagram is a thurible (incense holder)

I have all of it on a plate so that I can take my altar with me as needed for privacy and also a stone bowl that I burn my spice offerings in.


It looks lovely. :blush:


I am not kidding this altar is a piece of art.


My goal was to have it as pleasing and practical as possible within my limitations.
Thanks for the positive comments.


Middle of August

Did my first Invocation yesterday.

I decided upon asking my potential Patrons to open up my chakras and my ability to communicate with them.
I started chanting in meditation and upon finnshing opened my eyes only theto find the candle to Satan/Lucifer and Vine where alight. All other candles had gonne out, their wicks broken. The incense had been consumed as well. It is supposed to burn for an hour and I estimate that I had chanted for 20 min.

I took this as a sign that Vine wanted to take care of this especially and I altered the ritual accordingly to focus on him. Sadly I was unprepared for a single Demon to show interest so I didn’t have his Enn memorised. This broke my light trance and I fuddled the chant. Yet I didn’t feel a negative or affronted energy.
I will redo the ritual with only Vine in mind and do it right in his honor. I don’t think he’d demand it but I also don’t want to disrespect him. He is a King after all :crown:

I’m will be dedicating myself to Pathwork Vine especially and give him pride of place in my daily offering from now on.


Middle of August

Results of my invocation
Gloria Vinae, Rex Demonium, in nomini domini Satan-Samuel. Gloria in Infernis.

Two days ago I made my Invocation. As amateurishly done as it was I have results.

I did not magically manifest any profound changes in my Clairvoyance or Chakras (as far as I can tell) however, I randomly got access to a library of Occult books and Grimoirs for free. Resources to fuel my practice and studies into Magick and Demonolatry for months, maybe even years to come.

I do not see this as a mere coincidence as Kind Vine is associated with magical and initiatory knowledge to wizards and witches.
This is perfectly aligned with not only King Vine but also with my request as most of the literature are handbooks in summoning, spirit communication and in order to do so, energy work.

On a side note I also got access (also for free) to some great Qigong resources that would have cost me a fortune to get a hold of and I’m already having results with it. I can now feel my own energy strongly.

I feel a strong “here you go” feeling about it all.

In conclusion, my heartfelt and grateful thanks to his majesty King Vine.

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