My Path a Journal of Workings

I have been reading up on evocation and how to perform it successfully. I’ve noticed different trains of thought on what works for different people. I have found what I believe will work for me. I like simplicity but I believe some things like candles and incense will help get into the proper frame of mind. I have experience with meditation so that should aid me as well.


I have found a way of evocation that works for me. It consists of the spirits sigil, incense, candles and meditation. I have done some research on spirits that have expertise in the areas that I would like to develop my skills in. Furcas is the first I have begun working with. After a first successful evocation he has agreed to work with me on a regular basis. I have found that he is kind but will keep you on track when needed. Currently he is helping me with divination and developing my senses further.

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My work with Furcas is complete for the time being. He taught me much and is a good teacher. Thank you Furcas.

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I am starting a new working with Belial. I have felt a pull to him for some time now. I believe the first evocation was a success. Although I have not yet had a full evocation I do feel the spirits presence and can hear them telepathically. I do get visions in my mind during the evocations as well.

I had Belial’s sigil, some candles and some incense. I went into a dark room and set up my altar. I gave an offering of some liquor that I have been saving for myself and like quite a bit. Once the candles were lit and the lights out I began to recite his enn. Belial’s presence could be felt fairly quick.
After thanking him for coming I gave him the offering and stated my request. He agreed and also answered some personal questions as well. Then he wanted me to blow our the candles and recite his enn while concentrating on the darkness.
I believe he wanted me to recite the enn to focus my mind because at the time it started to fill with many different thoughts. After a short time I could sense other spirits with him. I could see shadows moving in the darkness. They were moving around the room as if they were flying. Then I saw the incense pop and some lights appeared for a moment. Nothing bright but just enough to see.
I felt as if my head became lighter than air. Almost like I would float up out of the top of my head. The words accept the darkness and become one with it popped in my mind. Then I was given the idea to sit and meditate in the dark and breathe in the darkness like you would as if you were pulling energy from the air. I believe this is something I am supposed to do on my own.
I could feel when Belial was finished I thanked him for coming again and felt him leave.

I feel tired but also jittery. His presence is very intense.

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Nice work :+1:

Im impressed. :slight_smile:



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I’m thinking of putting something together with Belial and King Paimon to eliminate my student loan debt. After a little research they appear to be the two spirits who can get results for something of this nature. I have to design the ritual and do some more ground work though.

I’m going to put evocation and working with spirits aside for a time to concentrate on energy work. I found a couple books to work through that should help with it.

Had some interesting coincidences occur recently. Moved to a new place a couple of weeks ago. I was looking into warding for my new home and did a ton of research into different ways to go about it. I started to get signs that I believed to be Beelezebub wanting to talk to me. After looking into this I came across the connection between Beelezbub and Bael. Also found out that he can help you create shields and wards.
I evoked him and he did help let me know I was on the right track with the warding and added his own touch to it. It was a very good experience and I look forward to working with him some more.

Performed a successful evocation of Astaroth today. She was very helpful. I look forward to working with her some more. I can always hear and see them in my mind but haven’t ever had a physical manifestation yet. I felt her presence before I performed the evocation. Apparently she knew I was going to call on her.

I’m finding that after working with a spirit for a time there is no longer a need for candles and incense or other tools to evoke them. They do not visually materialize but they do come and speak to me. I find that this happens by meditating on the memorized sigil and enn.

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