My Pact with Azazel

Hi everyone I am new here, but not new to Magick. Been practicing for 20 yrs with the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, but never invoked or evoked a Demon until this past month. The way I been invoking Azazel is when I am about to go to sleep, right when i hit Theta state before sleep and I call upon him he comes immediately bringing me a major feeling of fearlessness, confidence, and power! As an empath and clarsentient, i tend to pick up energies very easily including his. Tonight i decided to go all the way and do a pact with him. At first i felt his energy all over my body tingling as i was reading the pact to him. Then I realized, crap i forgot my pen to sign it! So I had to leave the circle to get the pen. Then when I came back to sign it with a pen and seal with my blood, i didnt feel that tingly energy as i did before i left the circle. I hope that didnt interfere with my work, but anyways, i went ahead and moved forward and with my intention sealed our pact and left it as that. I will keep you posted on my experience. Still working on the auditory part in communicating with him, all i get so far is just a kinetic feeling when he is around.

So sorry for the boo boo here. I went to the introduce myself forum lol. also with more info on my experience with Azazel. :wink:

How does one join the golden dawn? i want to join either this order or the freemasons.

O HI Titan! you can go here Robert Zink runs this one. He is close with Chic Cicero. We have many Freemasons here. :slight_smile:

Thank you Druanna =)